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  1. alright. i am mad. i can't believe i just found this out. I live in southern california. about a year ago, i bought a used 2005 mazda 6 V6 from a toyota dealer. Everything and everyone said the the car was a V6, the paperwork, the salesman.... everything. we paid $14000 for the car. last night i was looking into buying some upgrades for my car, and stumbled across a website. the website was just about my car. one part of the website said that the mazda 6 V6 only comes in and 5 and 6 speed automatic. This really confused me considering how my car is only a 4 speed automatic. i then decided to do some research on the V4 version of my car. it said that the mazda 6 V4 comes in 4 and 5 speed automatic. so this pretty much proves that it's a 4 cylinder. and then tonight i decided to look under my hood to actually look at the engine to count the cylinders. It is indeed a 4 cylinder.

    I am now very mad because this means that besides the dealer completely lying to us, mad us overpay by about $3000, which is the difference between the V4 and the V6. I still have every bit of paperwork that was given to me when purchasing the car. i am wondering even though it's a year later, would i be able to get some money from the dealer? or what can i do. this is going to be a big lawsuit isn't it?

    thanks for the help everyone! and sorry it's so long.
  2. Wait, you bought a car and you DIDNT look under the hood first....?
  3. Please don't take this the wrong way, YOU ARE RETARDED. Who buys a car without looking under the hood? You got what you deserved.
  4. I had a sales man try something like that when I bought a del sol a few years back. Around here it seems like car sales man know less about the cars they are selling than the average joe does. Oh and this is deffinately not the right spot for this thread. Sorry I had to say it, or somebody else would have. Take your paper work in that has your vin number and all the cars specs and ask them if that matches up with what you actually got, and go from there I guess. Good luck.

  5. Del Sol's kick ass. Lol :O

  6. hey fuck you dude. they have a cover over the actual engine that has to be unscrewed to look at the engine. it's meant to keep the engine cooler. lots of cars have that now.
  7. That is true the mazda 6 does have a big cover over it. I can see were the average joe would think it's a v6. But I'm car guy I allways know what I'm getting.
    Weed and working on engines 2 of my favorite things LOL
  8. honestly if i was you i would bring the car/paper work, ask to talk to the manager of the car dealership and BITCH him out on having shitty, lying salesmen, and see if something cant be resolved.

  9. you may say "fuck you" to him, but he's kind of right. no matter what some two-bit car salesman tells you, look under the hood. ever heard of "tire kicking"? well that also refers to opening the hood and looking at things. :)
  10. dude you got HUSTLED buyer beware...:smoking:smoke one and you will feel better
  11. Hey man i feel for you. I dont know anything about engines , I wouldn't be able to tell the difference...

    if its on the papers they sold it to you with im sure you could take this to a claims court or something...

    Call a lawyer!
  12. you absolutely 100% have a legitimate claim

    to the guys saying "you should have known" - that's ridiculous - not everyone is into cars or would even know what a cylinder head looks like and besides it's well covered by a guard on that model

    why should he have to take off the head cover guard to check?

    he shouldn't have to - he should be able to trust the dealer!

    anyway, OP - you should call the garage and explain that you have discovered they have defrauded you and that they have an opportunity to settle out of court - if they dont cough up the dough then go ahead and file a lawsuit against them - they'll end up paying all costs I assure you especially if you have documentation and verification from an independant garage that they sold a 4 cylinder car to you.

    good luck with this
  13. go over to the car dealer ship and kick the guy ass! before you u go smoke a phatty !
  14. Talk to a lawyer, they can give you better advice than a bunch of guys on the internet. If you have a legit claim then you can fuck that dealership up, or just get some compensation.
  15. Can't they just say you switched out the engine?
  16. I used to work at a gas station as an attendent. and I may be mistaken, but any work that is done to your car is recorded into a database, much like a state inspection sticker.
  17. Dude. Don't look at this as an oppurtunity to get even. 3000 dollars is so petty. It's not even worth suing for 3,000 dollars with lawyers costs and court fees and the time and effort it would take on your part. Seriously bad idea. What you should do is sue for 50 grand. Seriously.
  18. Check your states statute of limitations....a year is quite a long time...

    And why is this in seasoned tokers? :confused:
  19. Because only someone who's been high for the last 25 years would ever buy a v6 car with 4 cylinders in it.

  20. can't you tell the difference when driving the 2 cars?

    a v6 gets up a lott faster then a 4 cyclinder would..

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