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this has nothing to do with this site, but please help me!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mtbandmetal, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. alright. i am mad. i can't believe i just found this out. I live in southern california. about a year ago, i bought a used 2005 mazda 6 V6 from a toyota dealer. Everything and everyone said the the car was a V6, the paperwork, the salesman.... everything. we paid $14000 for the car. last night i was looking into buying some upgrades for my car, and stumbled across a website. the website was just about my car. one part of the website said that the mazda 6 V6 only comes in and 5 and 6 speed automatic. This really confused me considering how my car is only a 4 speed automatic. i then decided to do some research on the V4 version of my car. it said that the mazda 6 V4 comes in 4 and 5 speed automatic. so this pretty much proves that it's a 4 cylinder. and then tonight i decided to look under my hood to actually look at the engine to count the cylinders. It is indeed a 4 cylinder.

    I am now very mad because this means that besides the dealer completely lying to us, mad us overpay by about $3000, which is the difference between the V4 and the V6. I still have every bit of paperwork that was given to me when purchasing the car. i am wondering even though it's a year later, would i be able to get some money from the dealer? or what can i do. this is going to be a big lawsuit isn't it?

    thanks for the help everyone! and sorry it's so long.
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    Take it back or sue
    That's a breach of contract. You you both signed saying it's a v6 they lied therefore they breached the contract. Personally I would just ask for the 3k diff. Also you could argue that you are prly payi g higher Insurance rates b/c they think it's a v6.
    Side note how do you not check out the car before you buy it

  3. yeah dude that's kinda what i'm thinking. shit man this sucks
  4. tl;dr

    guessing it was a 4 instead? do you not look under the hood? I mean, whenever you check out somebody's new car, do you not look under the hood? I mean yeah, with newer cars, there isnt much to see under the hood, but still, you always take a look under the hood to see if its dirty, if any rubber tubing has cracks, check the visible belts for any wear...Maybe thats just me, but its standard procedure to at least check under the hood. And one look under the hood and you can easily tell a 4 from a 6. Unless its a boxer engine, or a rotary. Mazda doesnt have a boxer engine. And the rotary doesnt have any cylinders.

    Also, just ask for the 3 grand difference. Thats what i'd do.
  5. Must be a pretty quick 4 if it had you thinking it wasa 6 the whole time... and did you never take a look under the hood, I really think people would just laugh at you =(.
    sorry dude but that sucks...

  6. we did look under the hood. mazdas and lots of newer cars have a cover over the engine. my car had a cover over it that has to be unscrewed, so there was no way to tell.
  7. Theres more than one way to tell if its a 4 banger or not. Most plastic engine covers say it. Yours should say DOHC 16 valve. The 6 cylinder says 24 valve. And how could you not tell just from the power if it was a 4 or 6?

    Sorry, this just confuses me.
  8. I actually think your full of it, their has to be some lettering on the engine case you claim covered your engine, I searched some engine bay pics of your car, it's obvious to see the difference, if this is true, your a dumbass.
  9. Well I wouldnt go so far as to call him a dumbass. Slightly stupid, maybe. But I've seen pictures of both engine bays. The only difference is the V6 says "V6 DOHC 24 valve" and the 4 cyl. says "DOHC 16 valve". For someone who knows jack about cars, the "DOHC 16 Valve" might not be enough. But still man. I really dont understand how you dont know.
  10. Post hits kinda stuff in the general section or real life stories bud

  11. True man I apologize OP, slightly stoopid is a great band though!
  12. Even if you didn't look under the hood, it is so ridiculously easy to differentiate the power of a 4 banger and v6. That does suck though, man. Do what the others say, ask for the 3k or consult a lawyer.
  13. The VIN number, registration, and title all would have said that it was a 4 cylinder and not a V6. You really are dumb when it comes to buying cars if you didn't find any of this out for a year, but still, you deserve your monay back. Next time you buy a car, take a friend who works on cars or a mechanic you trust with you.
  14. not really on topic but do you live in norman xxsoonerxx? I live in edmond and am going to OU next year. but yeah, kinda sucks that you weren't able to check the car before buying it. Now you may have an extra 3 grand to pocket though. :D

  15. sorry to hear it brotha

  16. wait... what?
  17. i usually assume people are telling the truth in their stories until the lying is obvious. so he said all the paper work says it is a v6. knowing how some car dealerships work this really doesn't surprise me. some of those guys would do anything to make a buck. also not all of us have friends who work on cars, and what mechanic would take time out of his day to look at cars with someone? they charge a ridiculous amount of money per hour for labor, is someone going to pay them that amount for every hour they look at cars?

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