This has gotten me paranoid as hell

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  1. Ok so i was coming home from a party and was pretty high, and about a 1/4 mile from my house i see this car behind me, and it keeps turning on the same roads as i am. Finally i drive up in my driveway, and this car pulled up in my driveway, waited until I turned around to look at them, then they backed up and went in the same direction as before. I just sat in my car thinking what the fuck that was all about. It's gotten me paranoid as fuck as to what they could do if they came back (If that was their intention) I really don't need them fucking up my house, and I can't just stand guard all night (and the night after that and so on) Damn, I just pulled my car in the garage and kept all lights off upstairs.
  2. you know when they turned around and left you should of turned around and followed them to see who it was. I fucking would of, and if it was a cop i'd get all my shit out my house that i could that could get me busted then stay at a friends house for the night. If it wasn't a cop i'd follow them to there house to know where they lived in case they came back and fucked up your shit. But thats the kinda person i am.
  3. Yeah, that would have freaked me out to. I've been stoned while driving and I sometimes get paranoid that someone's following me, but at night, when they pull up in your driveway like you described. I would have shit my pants!!

    Do you remember much about them, was there more than one person in the car? Could you see their faces, if so how did they look, angry, inquisitive? When they drove off was it quick or slow. What sort of car was it, expensive, well kept?

    How were you driving, maybe they thought you were under the influence and were going to say something, then thought better of it. Hopefully it was nothing matey.

    I mean if they were up to bad things, then their pretty stupid to turn into your driveway. At least it's got you alerted, I suppose it's better to be a little paranoid then oblivious. Although don't let the paranoia take over, well that's what the voices tell me!

    Maybe it was Mulder and Scully? Maybe I should shut up and have another toke...
  4. Yeah, I thought about following them, and started my car, but then looked at the clock, and about 20 minutes had passed since I saw them (like i said, i was pretty high) I really wish i had follwed them. Yeah, i saw there were at least two people in front, but with the headlights in my eyes and them backing up, i couldn't tell if there were more. I remember looking at the driver, and he was either bald, or had a hat backwards. It could have been Mulder if he shaved his head and put on about 30 pounds. Looked like they were driving a full-size car, like a Caddilac, or a Delta 88, something like that. They drove off kinda slow. I think they live around here because It would be too confusing to get out of my nieghborhood in the direction that they took off in (I sat in my car for about a half-hour so i would have seen them if they turned around)
    NO KIDDING, i think i saw them infront of me about a 1/4 from my house tonight. They turned into my neighborhood, only through a different road. I was in front of them and they kept looking back at me and were were trying to piss mne off by slowing down really far from the road they turned on. So it's still kinda freaky, but im about to drive through the road i think they turned on to see if i see the car. Peace.
  5. that is rather freaky, i hope you don't have any sneaky undercovers going around trying to bust all the stoners in the town...

    i can't believe that they'd be stupid enough to follow you right up into your driveway like that, and let themselves be seen - usually law enforcement is a little SMARTER than that, but hey, why give them all that credit?! lol.

    what's super freaky is you saw them AGAIN in your neighborhood. that would have me keep my stash to a bare minimum at all times, and my pipe collection stashed REALLY WELL HIDDEN.

    who knows? maybe you have some secret fans. but nevertheless i'd be keeping an extra eye out for these dudes. if you ever get the chance, would you confront them and ask them wtf they're doing? or would you follow them to wherever they're going and try to figure it out yourself?

    good luck~
  6. I'd say it's someone who lives in your neighborhood or around there and maybe thought you were someone else and then took off when they saw you weren't them. Don't give into the paranoia...for your high's sake. An undercover wouldn't do would fuck things up for him. I think it's a fluke.

    If I did see them again like that, though, I'd be like "What the fuck?" and get up in their shit to find out what the deal is.

    Good luck!!!!!!!
  7. Yeah, I don't think it's the police or anything. I don't deal and I don't grow. I think it's just some people that know me from school. I got into a fight with this one kid in my neighborhood and then he went to alternative school, so I haven't seen him for about a year. I just hope that whoever it was doesn't hold something against me. I mean, a lot of people know where I live, but those are people that I invite or when I have a party and know almost everyone. It's a little different to see that a stranger has taken an interest in where I live. I think I'm going to try to forget about it. I have already installed a kickass alarm system for my house, with yard motion detectors, a video camera system and an infrared beam that goes across my driveway to let me know if a car pulls up when I'm inside.
    OK I KNOW THAT SOUNDS PARANOID BUT LET ME EXPLAIN. Somebody in my close family owns a Burglar Alarm company. And I've always had an interest in the stuff, so I already knew how to install everything, and it was all free. So at least I have some peace of mind now
    Oh, and ganjaphish: I think I would just like to find out by myself and figure it out. No sense in created any more worries than necessary
  8. Right on man, burglar alarm systems are the shit. We don't have one, but we have ultraparanoid neighbors, and our apt is right next door.

    I hope it's just someone who knows you smoke and wants to share but is too shy, and not someone who has something against you. (Hey, ya never know!:D) If they had something against you I think they'd have done something by now, unless they were trying to scare you by following ya.

    RMJL is right though, don't let the paranoia sink in. Keep on tokin' and deal with what comes to ya as it comes.

  9. You should set up a small camera pointing down your driveway, triggered by the laser so if a car pulls up it snaps a picture of the license plate.
  10. dog, i know for a fact that it isn't undercover police cause when i got caught by the undercover po-pos they did it commando style, i had NO IDEA i was been followed or watched
  11. I would have been freaked a bit also man. But then again sometimes one tend to get a little over paranoid when stoned
  12. Well man i have kinda visions taht mostly come tru no kidding I have these vision when im fucked up and they always come true for soem odd reason or are true
    Well this is what i ahve for you two options
    1.It was 2 people acting cool and think there bad driving around bored and they see you and they know you from somwere but you dont know them they just liek 2 ppl that know you i think it was three actualy someoen 15 years old in back smoking since he was little and riding around with high school friends thn they see you reconize your vehicle and were your going they decide its a funny joke to mess with you a little and they follow you like ther ethe police try to freak you out dog and when they turn in your driveway they are liek THIS SINT HIS HOUSE I DONT THINK THIS ISNT THE GUY WE KNWO LETS JUST EGT OUTA HERE guy on side DUDE DRIVE OUT SLWO DOG DONT BE SUPSICOUS...ok wateva
    option 2....SOmeone that knew you and wanted to see if you made it home ok like an older person that watche sover you
  13. lol...that just made me want to go smoke (just got home from a stressfull day, haven't smoked a cig all day and not even a joint at lunch. (i was suspended in school, and had to stay in one class all day) But it's friday!!

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