This Happened Last Night, and It Sucked ...

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  1. Okay, here's my story, and I figured it belonged in this sub-forum because it has to do with a mason jar.

    Last night, around 10pm, I'm getting ready to smoke.

    I normally store my weed in a few different mason jars, in various sizes, seperating them by strain. A few weeks ago I bought a quarter of Matanuska Tundra (which is awesome BTW) and I have it stored in a small mason jar. I had a few really big buds in tact, and the rest of it was broken apart; with a little bit of it ground up (I always grind my weed, and if I grind too much I just put it back in the jar for safe keeping).

    Last night, I'm carrying the mason jar into the kitchen, where I normally pack my peice. Last night I was planning on smoking out of my spoon, so I walk into the kitchen with the jar in one hand and the spoon in the other; seems like a medial task, right? Well, apparently not for me, because for no reason whatsoever I drop the fucking mason jar.

    Yes, drop the fucking mason jar.

    The jar shattered into a million peices, leaving shards of glass and peices of bud all over the floor in my kitchen.

    I quickly go into clean up mode, I pick up the bigger buds and put them into a ziploc, then I start picking up the large shards of glass, then I look at what remains and I see alot of ground up weed, and alot of small peices of bud, mixed in with tiny crystals of glass.

    I'm freaking pissed at this point, I start picking the stuff up, doing my best to remove the tiny peices of glass, but it's to no avail. The freaking mason jar basically disintegrated on impact, leaving atleast 25% of my herb laced with shards of glass.

    Basically, I lost a quarter of my most recent purchase. I'm not gonna' smoke weed that's mixed in with glass.

    In short, I smoked alot more last night than I had originally planned, because after an event like that, I totally needed to get baked.

    Okay, glad I vented ... :)
  2. send the glass laced weed over my way, ill burn that shit.

    just smoke it in a bong. youll never get any of the glass in your mouth. dont waste the shit.
  3. Try soaking it in water, might mess up your bud a bit, the the glass should sink.
  4. just smoke it out of a waterpipe,the water will catch all the glass,just like it does the ash,and just so you know,the flame from the lighter will not get the glass hot enough to omit fumes from it,just like when you smoke a regular bowl out of a pipe,just be careful when packing it so you dont get cut,,fuck wasting it,peace LEAR
  5. Yes, soaking it in water is the best in my opinion - your bud will be fine once you try it out - THC is not soluble in water the weed will not lose any of its potency.
  6. i thought that the more crystals the weed has, the better it is! :D

    haha but on a serious note, that sucks. i keep my buds in a plastic jar, it was actually a container i got some fancy shmancy gelato in, but it won't break and looks kinda cool.
  7. Just like they said, use a bong and smoke it. Why would you toss a 1/4 of dank over a little glass? The glass will settle into the water of the bong just like lear said. You'll be fine.

    Also if you want to be totally safe use a metal screen. No glass should even get through that.
  8. Just use it with a bong. You can't smoke the glass, and with a bong you just suck it through. Thus you'll burn weed and heat up the glass mixed with it. Shouldn't produce any crazy vapor.
  9. Sometimes it takes a disaster to come up with a good solution.

    I really wonder if there are certain types of jars or glass that offer some better characteristics when they break? Anyone found that when their glass broke, it broke into nothing but larger pieces, or perhaps all uniform smaller chunks? Post models/vendors/pictures if you have.

    Actually, I just thought of a quick and easy way to help with avoiding the "shatter splinters". I wonder if taking clear masking tape and completely covering all parts of the outside of a mason jar would help kind of keep it together and/or minimize the fragmentation? It's almost like what they do to car windshields, only a much cheaper solution.

    Anyone care to test this theory?
  10. it works. i have done it before.

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