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this happen to anyone?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Talon, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. has anyone here just smoked a joint of some mids, notice i said mids, and just passed out?

    that happened to me about 3-4 weeks ago. i was walking through this forest while puffing on this joint that i rolled containing some mids at most. i thought this shit was average, well, after 2 loooong back to back hits i seen the sky turn red and i felt and heard a THUNK. i woke up a minute later looking at the forest while laying down. i couldnt remember what the hell i was doing or where i was. i coudlnt even find the rest of the j because it was too dark and my vision was effed.
  2. Nope. Are you sure the bud wasn't laced? (It might have been laced with thc!!!11oneone)
  3. no, im pretty sure it wasnt laced, as i have rolled it myself. and since i posted in SEASONED TOKERS, you should assume that i know what i am talking about. its just not normal to pass out after like 4-5 hits off some mids, when i could smoke a few joints of some dank and still be able to stand.
  4. i had a simmaler experience after smoking a bowl of the same shit, at the same time, just like always, but i went into mc donalds after smoking, and while ordering, my vision started to fade and it sketched me but i kept my cool, and i almost passed out on the way out the door. that freeked me out.
  5. ..idk .. ive smoke some bud i dont rembret what it was.. and we smoked 3 joints outback and we came back in and i was B A K E D.. .. i add too baked.. tooo! .. hardly ever happens .. so were sittin on couch and they wanted more i was like na and they kept bitchin then i jsut PASS out.. so beat waste of great high
  6. when i first started tokin, i took two fat rips outt of a bong (first bong used) and i did the hacking up hella phlem thing. I sat on my homies couch for a while too gone to move. I noticed my glass of water tipping but i just couldnt seem to stop my arm from rolling. I preceded to this girls house about a block away, i went into her room and layed on her bed just staring at the ceiling. I "blinked my eyes a couple of time. the trippy thing is, each time i "blinked i was out for 10-20 i dont even know,. I slept there for a lil bit then walked home. To this day i have no memory of that actual walk home.It wasnt laced, i smoked more of it that next day with out those effects.
  7. It sounds like your brain wasn't getting enough oxygen with you walking and taking those two big back to back hits. Maybe you could try sitting down and smoking or hyperventilating before a large hit next time.
  8. Yeah... sometimes it just hits you. Happens occassionally.
  9. yeah i want to pass out now after only 2 bowls of mids
  10. you felt a thunk? i had a friend have a fat branch drop onto his head while we were in the woods camping once.

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