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  1. This hasn't really got anything to do with marijuana. In fact probably nothing...but I do know that Jason Williams has smoked marijuana.

    For those of you who don't know who Jason Williams is he plays in the NBA for I think the New Jersey Nets. He was on MTV Cribs recently and he's living pretty well of...til now. Anyways, he was giving a tour of his house to some people and twirling a shotgun. The gun "accidentally" went off and killed some guy.

    TRENTON, N.J. -- Jayson Williams, charged in the shooting death of a limousine driver at his mansion, tried to put the victim's palm print and fingerprints on the gun, Sports Illustrated reported.

    Around the time the shooting was reported to authorities as an apparent suicide, Williams and two men also disposed of the bloody clothes the former New Jersey Nets player was wearing, a witness told the magazine in an article published this week. The magazine did not identify the witness.

    Williams, 34, is charged with second-degree manslaughter in the Feb. 14 shooting death of Costas Christofi.

    Prosecutors have said Williams' adopted brother, Victor Santiago, initially reported the death as a suicide.

    Christofi, 55, was hired to drive Williams' friends from a Harlem Globetrotters game in Bethlehem, Pa., to a restaurant, and then to Williams' estate 30 miles northwest of Trenton.

    Not including Williams and Christofi, a dozen other people were at the house. They included Williams' brother, two children and four members of the Globetrotters.

    Neither the prosecution nor the defense has described the events leading up to the shooting or identified those inside the mansion at the time.

    Asked about the article, acting Hunterdon County Prosecutor Steven C. Lember noted authorities took the 911 call at 2:54 a.m., not 2:38 a.m. as the magazine reported.

    "So that just proves that you can't believe everything you read in an article," Lember told The Associated Press.

    Hunterdon County Prosecutor Lember did not return calls to ESPN seeking comment on the report.

    Williams' attorney, Joseph Hayden, did not immediately return a message left at his office by the AP. Williams' agent, Sal DiFazio, said he would not comment on the criminal investigation.

    The magazine reported that the Globetrotters in the home were Chris Morris, Benoit Benjamin, Paul Gaffney and Curley Johnson.

    Christofi was shot in Williams' bedroom. Several visitors, hearing the gun, rushed to the room and found Christofi slumped against a wall, the magazine reported.

    Williams screamed for someone to perform CPR on Christofi and began pressing on the driver's chest, feeling for a pulse and talking to him, the magazine reported. A witness told SI that Christofi "looked like he was in shock, then all of a sudden he was dead."

    At about the same time, some of Williams' guests saw him and one other man trying to place Christofi's palm print and fingerprints on the shotgun, Sports Illustrated quoted the unidentified witness as saying.

    Two of the Globetrotters have been given immunity by prosecutors in exchange for detailed testimony, the magazine reported. It did not identify them.

    In a statement, the Harlem Globetrotters said the players present during the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave and were encouraged to cooperate with the investigation.

    The release did not confirm which players were present or say exactly when the players were placed on leave.

    Globetrotters spokesman Brett Meister told the AP he had not seen the article and had no immediate comment.

    Williams made an initial court appearance Monday on the manslaughter charge. He did not enter a plea and is not required to do so until a grand jury hands up an indictment.

    Information from the Associated Press is included in this report
  2. I belive he is a good man. But because no one in are legal systems wants to listen and be human and because they are stupid and the devil helps them all. They just take things in to their own hands even when they don't know what the fuck happend.
  3. God someone is stupid, just the fact of playing with a loaded gun in front of children while giving a tour?! Sorry to say but he deserves whats comming to him. Its to bad about the driver though wrong place wrong time.


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