this guys is talking shit to me over a girl wtf

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  1. At my work (only part time, as i'm still technically a student) we just got a new girl and all the guys at my work are going nuts. They are all trying to impress her and get her to come hang out with them and this is her first week at work.

    last day on her second day I was told to train her for the day so she was with me all day. not my choice. and all the guys at my work were following me around and eyeing her nad giving me dirty looks.

    okay, now this one guy was obviously going crazy (they are all in their 20s so they're not teenage boys) and he was trying to insult me and talk shit ot me in front of the girl. like he was asking me why I style my hair like that it looks like a comb over like donald trump and he made a joke about me training her saying trying to imply that I wasn't a good worker. this is freakin ridiculous i'm not even trying ot get with this girl. but she is blonde and decent looking and some of these guys must be desperate as hell to get laid.

    the same guy came up to me when I was with her and told us that he is setting up a camping trip for the weekend and everyone is invited and he was staring at this girl lol.

    anyways I was losing my temper at this guy and told him that he was getting on my nerves and I don't have a problem but I wanted to punch him in the face.

    he also works out and is quite a bit bigger than me but I didn't really care.

    this isn't also the first time at my old job when I had a girl come up to me and talk to me other guys would get jelous and act all pissed around me thinking i'm trying ot steal the girl they have an eye on or whatever.

    fuck. i'm single and have been single for over a year now but I don't give a fuck anymore i'm not trying to pickup every decent looking girl with tits I see but seems like 99% of guys are and they'll act like animals in an attempt to get that girl.

    i've never had a problem with this guy at work and I even thought he was a decent guy until this.

    he was acting like a nut all day. he was talking about how many girlfriends he has had in the past in front of the girl like that is going to impress her or something.

    sorry i'm just rambling.
  2. that guy is probably gay and is jealous of that girl and wants your nuts
    hes a loser
  3. I was about to punch him in the face lol when he kept on saying my hairstyle is a combover and like donald trump. he was trying to pick on me in front of that girl like this is grade school or something.

    this guys is pretty big (works out) so he would probably win in a fight and we are grown adults (in our 20s) and this isn't grade school I don't really don't want to resort to physical force.

    but I did tell him to his face that he was being a douche.

    and I don't know if this is relevant but this guy is some guido type east indian dude. he puts on sunglasses indoors and thinks he's the shit.

    in reality he's an ugly fuck and can't get laid and tries way to hard.
  4. fight fight fight fight fight![​IMG]
  5. When I read these threads, I try and visually picture the op carrying his story out. It will blow your mind.
  6. lol okay fighting is not an option. we'd get fired and like I said i just turned 26 and this guy is like 22 or 23 and fighting will just make me just as big of a douche as he is.

    maybe I should just forget about it and if he says anything else just tell him to go fuck himself.
  7. yes people's stories are so funny :laughing:
    and they make me feel slightly better about my own 'life' hahaha

  8. this shit happens at my work. guys rip on you in front of girls to seem cooler or some shit. here's a hint, if the girl is worth knowing, she wont like what they're doing and will like you more.

    i scored an older woman because of this, something none of the alpha's could because they're too dumb to see. im a fucking boss. fuck yeah. im in a good mood lately lol
  9. this girl isn't even the type of girl i'm interested in. she is decent looking and blonde and that's good enough for these guys they just wnat to get laid that's all.

    and yeah the "alpha" male thing is ridiculous.

    one of hte guys was also making fun of how this guy at our work is really short (he wasn't even around).

    and I agree. a girl that would want to date guys that are rude and act like kids making fun of other people and putting other people down wouldn't be the kind of girl i would want to date anyways.

    and I've never seen this succeed. these guys that try to act all alpha male don't really seem to get decent girls.
  10. anyone know what redundant means?:comfused:
  11. It doesn't just happen with guys at work.

    I have a friend of a friend who I hang out with sometimes, or see at bars/parties. he's generally a cool guy, a funny guy. But get a pretty looking girl around and he'll try diss/punk out any guys around to make himself look big. Twice I've had to tell him to calm the fuck down or I'm gonna embaress him in front of everyone.

    Another funny story about guys being dicks at work over women.
    One of the first jobs I had was at a hotdog/burger chain here in Chicago. was a great job, lots of young kids working there, my bestfriend worked there. Tons of stoners, kids my age, and alot of the mexican workers I'd toke up with all the time.
    Even better I started dating a girl that worked there with me. And being horny kids, we'd flirt all the time, I'd slap her ass, grab her ass alot. she'd put her arms around me.
    Well I guess this one mexican cook had had this huge crush on this girl for a year. I guess he didn't know me and this girl were dating, and one time my girl walked by and i grabbed her ass and this guy got all uppity. Slammed down his apron, and gets in my face. In 1/2 spanish 1/2 english he's talking all types of shit. Telling me that I shouldn't be grabbing this girl, that she wasn't my girlfriend and it wasn't right to treat her this way, that I could never get a girl like this (she wasn't anything super special, just the average awesome cute girl).

    The whole time this guys talking shit the girl, my ex is just standing there with her jaw open. I just give this asshole a big shit eating smile, wrap my arm around her, and tell him that she's mine. I look at her, she wraps her arm around me and tell this guy that we're together. The guy storms off red as can be with tears in his eyes, while that night me and that girl fucked like rabbits and laughed about what a fool the guy had been.
  12. lol, if guys are picking on you, just get up real close, grab his nuts like you're trying to crack a pecan with your fingers, anticipate his swing, and lay him out flat. shouldn't take twenty seconds at the most lol.

  13. I'm all for violence. But good luck getting a job in the future after you've been fired for knocking some one out at work. And with grabbing his nuts, maybe a sexual harrasment/assault case to boot.

    Why did you leave your last job? Got fired for knocking a guy out on the company floor

    Ever been arrested or charged for a crime? If so please explain? Oh yes... I got arrested for knocking out one of my old fellow employees. Why'd I knock him out? Oh because he talked a little shit about my hair.

    Not gonna look the best on applications.

    If you ever do want to fight him, make sure it's off company grounds/not at company events.
  14. ^ gotta be emotionally fueled, heat of the moment kind of stuff
  15. telling a future job that you knocked some one out in "the heat of the moment" isn't going to help you at all with getting that job.
  16. jobs that judge based on such criteria aren't what i'll ever be looking for, so... i don't
  17. like I said I felt like punching him in the face but I wouldn't do it because that's obviously not the way to react t to this.
  18. quick reflexes always pay dividends
  19. What an amateur,girls are actually turned off when guys brag about dating a lot of women.

    If I were you id bang that girl and make out in front of him.

    If he continued to give me shit he'd get a ninja stomp.

    This is when you and a friend or two dress in suits and masks and ambush him,proceed to beat the living shit out of him without saying a word.

    The victim is left to wonder forever who did it and why or was it random violence.

    The trick is to never let anyone find out it was you,ever.
  20. pull their pants down at work and say "accident!" lol.

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