this guys daughter died from doing 4 whole marajuanas

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  2. That shit is funny! " Tell her to smoke it next time"
  3. I just hope they're all trolls and not actually that stupid. It's hard to tell. lol
  4. If she woulda done 5 marijuanas she woulda been fine. Everyone knows 4 will kill you, duh
  5. You guys this shits no joke. His daughter is in a coma go see a psychiatrist.
  6. I think you mean 4.20 its that extra .2 that'll getcha
  7. It's a troll Lmfao

    Grammer won't bring my dauter bak #YOlO
  8. Shit would be all over the news if it were true...Just like any of the other stories of people dyin' due to "The Evil Heathen, Marijuana!":cool:
  9. That was a fantastic read. I pray that my future children never overdose on those darned marijuanas.

  10. I have no way of knowing 100% if you smoke but going off fact your a poster/member here im guessing you have at least once which of course means your infertile. So my question is what children are you planning adoption?:D;)

    The craziness and myths associated with this poor little plant, oh woe is mj.
  11. this is clearly bullshit...4 whole marijuanas? The fuck does that even mean?? Like she injected 4 whole maarijuana plants and expected to live???
  12. "I remember when I was on that much" lolz
  13. I wonder how it would feel to inject thc.
  14. You dun wanna know, man....
  15. "marajuanas have changed my life"

  16. 4 whole marijuana's
  17. marijuanas have changed my life

  18. [ame=]Intravenous THC and cannabidiol experiment - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Marijuana's?lol
  20. I think some of them are just retarded.

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