This guy would fuck you up(vid)

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Looks like they're dancing! Awww how cuuuuute.

    Just kidding, damn, that mother fucker can hit like a madman. That's pretty much terrifying.
  2. daaamn.

    i would fuck him up if i had a gun.:p
  3. You obviously have never seen me take my belt off.
  4. Yes I have Rasta, it just makes your pants fall down. Tough guy!

  5. dudes mass fast, im fast kinda but not that fast, thats insane. nice find on the vid
  6. its not about how quickly you can hit its about how hard.
  7. You can tell who has never been in a fight.

  8. who??!?!?

    no just playin haha
  9. thats not the case at all. I've seen 5 foot nothing mexicans beat up 6 foot plus guys with sheer speed and agility...and obvcourse, balls.
  10. id say speed+hit force is is essential, you must have speed, but there is no point in having speed if you cant damage someone, and there is no point in bieng able to hit hard and be slow as shit, youd get dotted.

    Im sayin 50 50 is a good mixture, especially if you know how to box. fighting tho, isnt so much about punches, its about who is on the ground first and getting there teach kicked out. now adays people fight dirty... real dirty.. so ya gotta be fast, somewhat strong, and well balanced. good fightint stance.
  11. I cant even see what hes doing in slow motion. thats crazy. i bet i could take him tho:rolleyes: maybe not
  12. 30 hits at 20p/inch2....moving at 50mph. you cant dodge that.
    1 hits at 50/inch2....moving at 20mph. easily evaluated and avoided.

    i'd rather do the 30.
  13. ill bitch slap that man ;)
  14. That could be just good editing..?
  15. you got that backwards.....speed is power..
  16. my bro is 6'6 and im 6'1, and he has about 55 pounds on me. last time we boxed, i had the upper hand since i drank like 15 red bulls a few hours before (lol) and dodged almost every one of his punches and tired him out, then i started beating the shit out of him. watch muhammad ali's fights and learn.

  17. :D get in a fight with a 5 foot tall kickboxer/martial artist. even though you have size and strength over him, he drill your head thru a wall.

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