This guy was a bad ass.

Discussion in 'General' started by BONGZILLA420, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. I think Bal-Sagoth and other viking metal bands are reincarnations of the said Jack Churchill. VIKING METAL!!!!

    I started laughing when I read, "any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed". What a warrior!

  2. Exactly bro.
  3. Wow he is one basd motherfucker im mean to go at guys with machine guns with arrows and a claymore taht man is awsome has my respect and badass points for sure
  4. :metal::metal::metal::metal: VIKING METAL!

    Hahaha dude I kind of want to be that guy.

    edit: Note he gave the signal to attack by shooting down some high ranking officer with barbed arrows. Imagine how sweet that would be.
  6. A true leader and soldier. Goddamn he knew his tactics.
  7. really people, this is like the 4th thread thats in the wrong place. stuff like this goes in the GENERAL forum, because it has nothing to do with smoking.
  8. I was just about to ask if this guy even fucking smoked weed... I'm with you debauch.

    No offense, but when I don't want to talk about weed I won't come to the Recreational Marijuana Use room.
  9. He was probably high when he made the thread.
  10. 50% of the time I'm here I'm high. It isn't rocket science. :) :smoke:

    edit: translation. I'm high right now and I still like an organized interworld.
  11. "He rescued 700 Jews from a pocket surrounded by Arabs and his squad of 12 men escorted them to safety."

    too bad palistine is under military occupation now and my family is geting killed everytday ther

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