This guy wants to be president!!!

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  1. [ame=]Execute Drug Users? - Newt Gingrich - YouTube[/ame]

    Really??? Execute drug "offenders", while thieves, rapists, and murderers are fed and housed by the state.
    Maybe we should execute for all crimes. Capitol punishment for minor crimes seems to work in other countries. Im sure those people are happy:rolleyes:
  2. I like this one better :cool:

    [ame=]Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Dont forget his marital situations......

    [ame=]Newt Gingrich Protecting Sanctity of Marriage? - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Steal This Video Jon Stewart Exposes Media - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Watched the 1st video. Didn't see Newt Gingerich say he wanted to execute drug offenders.

    Are you guys just now getting into politics? Anyone remember this guy from the Clinton years?

    At least he's not Mitt Romney or Ron Paul.

    What's the point of all this hyperbole?
  5. I think it's in reference to this post I saw on the legalization section

    Where he says the U.S. needs to be like Singapore in terms of drug policy.

  6. Without even watching it, I'm gonna bet he says something like, "if we intend to really remove drugs from the US, then we need to be like singapore". The guy almost always speaks in the form of a conditional sentence. I watched a couple of the other candidates try and tie him up in his own words the other day. He made them all look dumb. He's definitely the only person on stage who could actually debate Obama.

    Newt Gingerich is not a radical in any shape form or fashion. He's probably more qualified for the job than anyone else on the stage.
  7. "Are you guys just now getting into politics"

    "At least he's not Mitt Romney or Ron Paul"

    "He's definitely the only person on stage who could actually debate Obama"

    Are you?

  8. [​IMG]

  9. Why? Because he fits the bill best as a political insider?

  10. LOL :smoke:
  11. OOOhhhh Now theres a republican ticket... Gingrich/McCain:eek::hide:
  12. ^^ we would then indeed be the war mongerers of the world
  13. As i have posted before, Newt has way too much baggage to be a serious candidate, but he is a serious douche bag...
  14. No baggage = Ron Paul
    Serious Candidate = Ron Paul

  15. He's a BIG liar, BIG time. Go do the research before you post bs like this

    He's a HUGE liar, jesus christ. Would you want a liar running the country
  16. I rarely see you in this section... until now. From the looks of this post it definitely appears that you are the one just getting into it.
  17. I will agree Newt is very good at debating and he is a smart man. I don't know how you think he is the most qualified? Is he qualified because "We the people" have no idea where he stands on a single issue because he flip flops more then a fish out of water? Sorry but if more of the same is what makes him qualified then we need some unqualified people to get into the White House. I am sick and tired of politicians telling us(we the people) anything to get elected but once in office its "fuck the little ppl let me help out some corporations".

    I do remember Newt form the Clinton years and as I recall he is a hypocrite that stands for nothing other then benefiting himself. Wasn't he calling for Clinton's head for the Monica Lewinsky thing? Yet at the same time he is cheating on his wife with one of his staffers?

    He is also part of the Bohemian club. That alone should disqualify him.

    There is only one candidate who actually cares more about your freedom then lining his own pockets. A hint is it's not Newt.
  18. Bit late for that, isn't it? The UK and the US have been practicing at that for the better part of a decade, at least.

    You mean a bigger one than the ones that you've already had before? Is that even possible? :confused:

    Some whoppers about sexual relations, a hotel break-in and weapons of mass destruction spring to mind...

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