this guy that lives with me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by whats_marihuana, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. just said:

    his "dad is proud of him about weed and pot that he doesnt take that shit."

    hes not all there, he said hes "glad he doesnt too, cause it makes you stupid."

    his mom is dating my dad, who I live with. hes like 25. hes a pretty good guy, but I would bet $100 in a second that he has little to no knowladge on the subject whatsoever.

    if people would learn before they judged.

    ahh, oh well, it is what it is. just wanted to vent. thanks gc.
  2. I take it he knows you toke? Sucks, but some people will always be ignorant!
  3. no, I doubt he has any idea, I dont toke up very often, and never around him. lack of funds, lol.

    but if he doesnt like it, thats completely fine by me, but I'm just not fond of ignorance. But as I said hes a good guy, mostly there, but slightly special.

    so hows everyone doing?
  4. by what youve described, all I can picture is the beginning of stepbrothers

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