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this guy taunts you with munchies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bump840, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. i seriously think his whole reason in life is to try to make your life miserable when you're high because his videos are so pointless but they make you hungry as shit!! I watched one video and died laughing at how pointless it is but couldn't help myself but to go through each one and want to eat my screen

    Kanaal van FastFoodPatriot - YouTube

    just thought id share:smoke:
  2. just fyi im not connected to this guy in any way i just googled a xxl chicken burrito cuz i just bought one and i love googling things and i saw a video of it and was like "wtf theres really a video of the burrito i just bought!?" then he was like, HELLO FAST FOOD FANS, THIS IS THE FAST FOOD PATRIOT.
  3. "&the price before TAX.." omg he sounded the same every time.
    that made me sick. i hate fast food.
  4. Thats str8 stupid. lol... Just think if that were ur dad and your friends found out back in the day.
  5. lol I love how he sounds exactly the same in each one, but some of the things he reviews just looks 100% terrible. but when he throws in "...on the road" in a couple of the videos it really throws me off and confuses me because change is bad!!!
  6. i've gotta say though this guys gotta be huge I bet I can orbit around him after being sucked into his gravitational pull
  7. lol wtf he acts like hes getting paid to make those videos or something.

    Says the same shit in the same tone every single damn time lol.

    And the price before
  8. Randy can fap to that

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