this guy smell duck shit

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  1. Ok. so i was at the park yesterday just kickin it smokin hangin with somefriends having a good time. A friend of mine Rod ran off to buy some more bud with Mando and comes back. Its gettin dark out but its still nice so we're still just kickin it smokin at the park. This guy Rod is holdin his bud in his hands walking through the park and packin a bowl on the move. We're already pretty blazed and and this guy dropped the main bud. Like there was still some shake but most of a G dropped and its dark and were on grass. so we jusst kinda looked around a little not like hard core searching but at least see if we can find it. And this guy, Gaycob is there. He doesn't smoke too often but hes like guys i think i found it. hes like "eah it smells like bud." and he puts it in mando's hand. then he gets the craziest wtf face in the world. We all look a little closer. The alleged nug gaycob put in mondo's hand is actually a piece of duck shit. you can tell. The grass was kinda freshly cut, so the shit was like covered in grass clippings. we got lots of ducks in this park that wakl a
  2. Why did you mention he's gay? I fail to see the importance.
  3. i think he ment gay in a non homophobic way.

    but other than that funny story... i could see it happening lmao
  4. this isn't even creative trolling.

    i an unimpressed.
  5. so did you smoke the duck shit or what?

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