this guy is off his rocker!

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  1. [ame=""]Surfing With A Great White Shark Video@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
  2. That is fucking badass.

    That would suck though if the shark attacked someone and he got sued :(
  3. Hardcore wasn't a word until that man was born.
  4. Theres a fuckin huge shark along the beach and these dudes are surfing?? I call bullshit
  5. I dont think thats real. its still a cool vid tho

    people are just floating in the water while they watch a great white shark come right infront of them?
  6. Amazingly stupid. What if sharks are like cats and once you feed em they keep coming back?
  7. all animals will come back if you feed them
  8. It seemed a little too convenient for surfing purposes that the shark went up the beach along the waves.

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