This Guy Is Gonna Control The West Coast Rap Game

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - KushTV - YaBoy - 100 Bars of Death - Music Video[/ame]
  2. Hopefully not. I can sum the song up in 4 words: "I'm dope as fuck."
  3. agreed

    im feelin his new mixtape

    [ame=""]YouTube - On Top- Ya Boy[/ame]
  4. I'm so sick of all this gangster shit...

    The only part of the song that I liked was when he was like "shots to to face, make him sing like T-Pain"

    I would love to watch someone get shot in the face and just start screaming in autotune...

    Ya Boy is garbage though.
  5. hes got flows. nice
  6. meh not bad, just seems like Game except cockier
  7. i read your title and i thought "it better be Ya Boy"

    haha, here's my favorite

    [ame=""]YouTube - Ya Boy"Still in The Hood" OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!![/ame]
  8. I find it to be no coincidence that the rapper with the least original stage name has the least original lyrics and beats to match. This guy is utterly pathetic.
  9. not to "rain on your parade", but you're pretty wrong. if you all don't like gangsta rap, than don't listen to it. but don't assume that an entire genre is terrible because you don't know it.

    your myspace is "experimental", i can already tell that i'm not going to like that. so i guess you're pretty utterly pathetic, too. right? just like i can't appreciate experimental, you can't appreciate gangsta rap.

    "I'd rather sit than snitch, dawg. cause quick jaws get a ***** smoked like menthol"

  10. I don't care about what genre of rap it is, as long as the dude says something I've never heard before, something fresh, something truthful, something that expresses anything besides hatred. But he doesn't. I've heard those exact same lines before. And the ones that aren't regurgitated are just as unimpressive.
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    show me some songs where you see those "exact same lines"

    you can only manipulate language so much. his genre is GANGSTA RAP. therefore, you don't think he's going to talk about taking his daughter to school, do you?

    fuck school, math class is the birds and keys
    Science class on the curb with the herbs and trees
    Graduated from the streets, Master's Degree
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    So you admit it then? That the genre of "gangsta rap" is limited? Haha and don't joke around dude. I'm not saying that he word-for-word bit lines from other released songs. I'm saying that NONE of his rhymes are new to my ears. Whether I thought of them myself, heard my friends come up with them, or heard some dude freestyle them at some point, the rhymes remain what they are: nothing special. Do you think rhyming cops with block, cream of the crop, and glock is a novelty? Do you think noone's ever rhymed "money to earn" and "money to burn"? <-- Which by the way is an insultingly idiotic line. I can't spend the time to go through and show you songs with these lines...but it's painstakingly obvious to any hip hop veteran of any intelligence that there is nothing new here. Just another dumb thug with a gangsta vibe that can rope in young suburban kids and convince them this shit is hot.
  13. of course gangsta rap is limited. it's limited to only gangsta-oriented verses. otherwise, it wouldn't be gangsta rap. and as far as all the rhyming goes, i'm sure every word has been rhymed with every other word SOMETIME. everything old and worthless?

    The Enemy Keep Tryin'
    But Can't Get Rid Of Me
    Bombs Like Timothy
    Legs Like A Centipede
    Holes Through His Door
    Make Sure He's A Memory
    One *****
    But I Got Em' Shook
    Like There's Ten Of Me
    Go Hard In Hip-Hop
    Hope They Remember Me
    Screamin' "Thug Life"
    Like A Tupac Mini-Me
    Any Beef?
    Tell Em' To Bring It Special Delivery
    I Bet My Little Friend Will Put Em' Outta His Misery
    These *****s Wanna Finish Me
    And Send Me To The Reverend
    Honestly, There's Probably Better Competition In Heaven

    don't listen to each type of music if you can't appreciate it in its own way :)
  14. That's where you're wrong. Language is infinitely extendable. I bet noone has ever rhymed Harry Potter with daring brothel, or 'challenge big brother' with 'ballad of lips puckered'. I did. And I got a gang of that shit. And even if they did rhyme that, I bet the context was different, or the message was different. "Your boy" here is not saying anything new, at all. Embarrassing.
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    no one rhymes that shit because it fucking sucks, thats the reason. no one wants to hear that shit, they want to hear what's aesthetic to them. they don't want to hear you rhyming harry potter with darling brothel, no matter if you think it makes you sound intelligent or whatever reason.

    so because you're unique @ rhyming you're good? you, sir, have a twisted idea.

    If he rep that bay why his swag that way?
    Man the bar so fresh plus I'm cool like DRE
    Yo my sound so new... like it's still in the wrapper
    The rumors so true, yes I'm killin these rappers
    Headed down south with a car full of clappers
    Inside my trunk all white like pampers
    Get it off quickly... headed back swiftly
    Heard them boys on me but they'll never get me... no
    Who the truth mama let them know
    That I keep two nines like Gretzky tho
    The young n-igga with the peschi flow
    That's good fella... catch me in the hood fella... get it understood fella
  16. Ah, okay. I see I'm up against a mental midget. Good day sir, there is no common ground here. And I never say or rhyme anything merely to "sound" intelligent. That's an external judgment you've made about me. So thanks for the compliment, I suppose.
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    well tell me how harry potter and darling brothel would sound good in any context. and also, you call me a mental midget because i have a difference of opinion and you can't stand it. that's not my fault.

    i'm willing to listen to your point of view, as long as you are willing to accept mine. and music is all aesthetic, correct? so you basically can't tell me what terrible music is or isn't. so basically saying that he has no skills, etc. etc. is just ignorant.

    and i haven't even brought up speed into the concept yet, which is a pretty solid character of rap.

    Yo, bricks of the white
    Pounds of the purp
    And for the right price, come around to the turf
    We don't keep tucked outside with the work
    I strap it on a bitch make her fly with the work
    Ya boy want 17-5 for the work
    23 in the south take a ride with the work
    Fuck what you heard, I'm a grind till it hurt
    Knock on wood, I get caught won't say a word
    We call it a brick, they call it a bird
    We call it a corner, they call it a curb
    I got a hotline, you can call for the herb
    Mathematics with a addicts, you can call me a nerd
    I don't get money *****, that is absurd
    I passed it like magic, then ball like Byrd
    You can find me in the hood from the first to the third
    Goin hard for them clear diamond stones and infirms
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    Okay ya, sorry for offending you publicly like that, it was pretty immature. I'm just getting frustrated because I genuinely feel that 'gangsta rap' is a bane on humanity. You're correct in one sense, people's opinion of music is sometimes based solely on aesthetics. Not for me. I require an artist to have depth in his lyrics. Anyone can get on the mic and spit what 'Ya Boy' is spitting. Shit I've seen 14 year olds come up with better material on battle forums. That's no lie! The point is, while he might be entertaining to those who like this style of music, he is in no way an artist deserving of praise for his lyrics. To sum up my point, I'll say that to people who enjoy gangsta rap, Ya Boy may be entertaining. But gangsta rap hasn't evolved since N.W.A. kicked it in the 80s. I'm all about progression. So you're right, it's the entire subgenre that I can't appreciate, not just this one rapper.
  19. ya boy doesnt just do gangsta rap, lol no rapper rele does ne more, u can't for means of album sales cuz thats all people care bout for some reason

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