This guy is demented.

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  1. Here's a time line of my encounters with this creep first of all:

    Jan. 2010- "S" adds me on Facebook and likes my pictures and all that bullshit. My best friend at the time (skank) used to talk to him. A lot of girls in my area like him because he's one of those guido types.

    Feb. 2010- Just got into a relationship with another guy, we go out to the club one night and "S" is standing behind me. First time we ever saw each other in person and he pretended to know my boyfriend (told him they met way back) just so he could talk to me. First sign of the kid being a weirdo.

    June or July 2010- After countless times of "S" begging me to hang out and me turning him down, I'm bored one night and he picks me up. He lives an hour away by the way. At first he seemed really cool but then shit got weird. It was our first time hanging out and he wanted to lay out on the porch and look at stars and play romantic songs and he kept saying we were going to be the best couple ever. I was like, "Um I'm going into the Navy at the end of August" because at the time I really was about to go into the Navy. Within twenty minutes of hanging out he wanted to have sex, I stupidly gave in. Keep in mind I said STUPIDLY. The dude was literally three inches. I couldn't even feel anything. He said he had a condom on but when he finished I noticed there was no condom and he came inside of me. I freaked out and then he was like, "Now I guess you'll have to stay with me instead of going to the Navy." After this incident I was terrified.

    October 2010- Wanted nothing to do with this kid but he kept hitting me up the entire summer. Finally after realizing he had no chance he was like, "Oh you're a stupid slut blah blah blah" and I blocked him. Then he started calling/texting me non stop until my brother picked up the phone and flipped out. Then my ex best friend (the skank) hit me up saying he was talking to her and he had videos of me and him having sex and he was about to show everybody. He secretly videotaped me.

    April 2011- You would think the kid got over me by now. Nope. Somehow he got my new number and tried to text me from his new number. I didn't know who it was at first but they were like "Come suck these nuts, I have a nine inch for you" and my boyfriend (who I've been with for six months now) was flipping out so he called the number and was like "Do you know "S"?" I got so furious that I called the kid and I was like "Look, I understand I made a stupid mistake once but you're a pathetic lip gloss wearing Jersey Shore faggot and I want nothing to do with you, you're making yourself look so stupid right now, go play with your three inch dick before I call the police, how stupid do you have to be to prank text me and then have your name in your voicemail?" My boyfriend called the kid and threatened him.

    April-Now 2011- I get a weird Facebook request from some fake account of a hot chick. I knew it was fake and then all of a sudden I start getting weird messages and picture comments and next thing I know the chick was IMing me asking about what was the smallest I've ever had and other stuff. I didn't know who it was at first until I compared the chick's friend list with "S"'s friend list and they all matched up so just now I was like, "Girl watch out for "S" that's the tiniest kid ever" and because I used to have a black boyfriend the chick was like "Oh is he black? Black dick is gross" and I knew it was the guy being an asshole about my ex so I was like "Yeah, idk if he is but he sure looks black except his dick isn't big at all like you'd think" Hahahahaha he got so pissed he was like "Oh well his name sounds Spanish or Italian, not black blah blah blah"

    Fucking weirdos, don't ever be that guy.
  2. I did not realize that shit like this happens. As a New Yorker I can tell you that jersey is Shit.
  3. that is some disastrous shit
  4. Well, this seals the deal. I think I'm about done with grass city.
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    So you knew he was a creep hung out with him anyways, fucked him 20 mins after you really met him and think he has the problem? And u had a boyfriend at the time you fucked him. I'm sorry I just feel as though you invoked this behavior. His actions are uncalled for but what would expect from a jersey shore faggot?
    Edit: ....just saw your avatar. That ass, not to sound rude but DAMN!
  6. It seems this whole conundrum could've been avoided have you kept the doors to your palace closed.

    But have no fear, I've gotten into similar shit for putting my dick in the wrong pussy.

    Lessons learned huh?
  7. cheating is one thing but everyone needs to get the fuck off their high horse. so what happens if you guys hook up with some chick that won't get off your dick? is it your fault for being a stupid slut?

    it's 2000-fucking-11, let's move on from these age-old double standards
  8. well that was dumb. shouldnt have let him hit it, you look bangin if thats you in your avatar. you can do better.

  9. It's funny you should say that.

    Girls, don't ever be that girl.
  10. yes its completly our fault.
  11. U slept with him after 20 minutes?!?! Wtf while u had a bf??! And u knew he was weird?!? Im thinking this is your fault

  12. Ummmm, learn how to utilize the quote button.

    And having casual sex doesn't make you a slut, blatantly disrespecting your body with cock after cock makes you a massive slut. Besides, massive sluts don't regard any of their conquests as mistakes or admit to being a little stupid.

    Besides, OP, my friend went through something similar. Except, she only gave in when she had the feeling that even if she said no it was going to happen. Guys like that are creepy and better left alone. The dude that did that shit to my friend met her at work, took her to the bar and then basically forced her to have sex, then when it was over he said, "If i find out you are fucking with anyone else i'll kill you" then pointed to her vagina and said, "This is mine".

    By the way you described him he seems like the same kind of guy, just be happy you are still alive and you weren't raped.
  13. He is an asshole, a horrible better-off-dickless asshole, but you are the first and last defence of your emotional well being. You can have casual sex and still do just enough screening so that you don't fuck the ones who are already creeping you out.
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    Your dumb this was not casual sex did you not read the OP your just supporting bein a huge slut congrats whatever lets you sleep at night
  15. I would disagree with you. I would say this qualifies as a I don't want to name call, as she says she never hung out with him, was creeped out by him and all this shit, then she was just bored so hung out with him and fucked. To me I see that as being a I don't want to name call, but to each his own I guess.

  16. First thing, I'm not dumb, so i'd appreciate if you can't say anything without insulting me.... don't say anything at all. :)

    How is it not casual sex? Do you know what casual sex is? It's having consensual sex with someone who you have no desire to be attached to.

    Looks like some casual sex to me.

    If you guys think that having casual sex means you're a slut then maybe it's time to start looking at things without a high school mentality. :)

    I've hooked up randomly in my past, it doesn't mean i'm a slut. It means I like sex.
  17. I have never understood people's excuse that they don't know if somebody is wearing a condom. are you like blindfolded in the time it takes to pull one out of a package and put it on, or like the entire time during sex do you totally not look at what's going on down there.

    sounds like super boring sex .... with zero situational awareness

  18. And I feel you on this. I can always feel a condom.

    The only time i wasn't sure was when i was super drunk......
  19. wow, why did you fuck him, that makes me cringe
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    I never said it wasn't casual sex, but in my opinion I don't want to name call have casual sex, just lots more of it.

    Man you ever been with a girl that doesn't even ask you to put a condom on? That's some freaky shit.

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