This grand sea we once knew is nothing we can partake in

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    For those of you who have played Super Meat Boy. You might be familiar with Naija.

    This is her story. This is her world. This is her journey into the vast reaches of the depths below us.

    You start out in a a secret cave, Naija explaining how up until this point life had been simple, and care free. Until you meet a ghostly figure that shows you a vision of your former self. You were once a savage creature only living off of the need to kill and feed.

    Cold waters are washing out the warm. Currents are changing. the time to act.

    Aquaria is an Indie Game developed by Bit Blot. If your a fan of Castlevania Symphony of the Night, you might really enjoy this game. It plays like any underwater game would. You can swim to anywhere you want to, unless obstructed by rocks or powerful currents. You can sing. Yes, sing. While at first thought this seems like a very useless mechanic and is there for shits and giggles, it's not.

    If you were not able to sing in this game, you would get nowhere. Singing allows you to change into your former self *Energy Form* move giant rocks, morph into a fish to get into really small areas, and even grant yourself a shield from projectiles.

    The game plays in 2D fashion. Which greatly adds to it's game play. While 3D is now all the rage, some games work considerably better in 2D format.

    The game itself, in terms of map size, is huge.


    It reminds me a bit of Metroid due to how huge the map is, and having to backtrack to certain points just to find a new treasure or a health upgrade.

    From what the map shows, I'm only about half way through the game (if that)

    Don't let the size of the map fool you, this game really is big. You will have to use this map many many times to make sure you didn't take a wrong turn somewhere.

    Now onto the tunes this gem has to offer. The music is quite amazing, I really have to say it. I get a feeling like the music goes extremely well with the environments and adds a bit of (i'm getting into some deep shit here) vibes.

    On thing I should let you all know if you do plan on trying it out, the game does not help you in getting to your next area. YOU have to figure out where to go. Most games these days are all "oh here go there i really don't care" But now that you are the force that locates things, the game is (while making a bit of a bitch sometimes) making it more rewarding, cause your actually putting in work for it.

    The game is only for PC and MAC. Which in a way, is a shame, cause i can see this doing really well on a console, in terms of controls.

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