This got my blood boiling

Discussion in 'Politics' started by marathon1, May 27, 2010.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Attacking Atheists on Faux News[/ame]

    Religious Freedom people...She wants to put a silence on religions and Holidays she personal offend her because of her religious views.

    Religious Freedom people, Atheists have every right to put up their signs just like Christians.
  2. Dude, it's fox...

    What did you expect?
  3. Thats why we need to have total seperation of church and state.

    What happens when radical (but non-violent) muslims want to put death to infidel shit in the capital?

    Keep them all out.
  4. What grinds my gears about this is the fact the atheist want to put that up right next to the christmas scene. I mean really they couldn't put it across the room or in a different or even a few feet away ? Wtf ? Why so much disrespect for Christians ? Funny how atheist are always talking about tolerance when it comes to getting their way but when it comes to tolerating Christians they forget about tolerance all together. Atheist takes the word hypocrite to whole new levels.

  5. Your that guy who was defending Glenn Beck, right?

  6. No I was the one correcting you because you really didn't know what beck was about yet u were making all kinds of statements about him that weren't really true. Why do ask and what does that have to do with this topic ?

  7. Just checkin'.
  8. lol Beck doesn't know what Beck is about.

  9. This is why there should be no display at all.

    Not that anything this lady says means anything.

    In tears me up sometimes to see atheists being so fervered and disrespectful with their views. One of the biggest atheist arguments against religion is that they think its wrong to FORCE religion down peoples throats, and that its wrong to disrepest somebody else for not being a part of a religion. The way atheists attack religion destroys their own cause.
  10. I can't watch the video, can someone explain what's happening?

    He's just trying to discredit you instead of addressing your argument. Real classy.
  11. From what I gathered, basically some atheists and festivus celebrators are putting up signs in courthouses and by nativity scenes saying religion is BS. The Fox News folks feel insulted thinking the sole purpose of this is to stir up shit. It was mainly the morning show lady that was so offended by it. O'Reilly had her on his show that night so she could get the last word in or something. I quit watching half way through the O'Reilly interview so if there's something juicy after that I'm not privy to it.
  12. Basically what willis said.

    I don't give two tugs of a dead dogs dick about Christmas so it's easy for me to laugh at that lady.

    "They put Festivus signs up right next to the Christmas signs! Why can't they put their signs up across the street!"

    Nothing stopping the Christmas people from putting their Christmas signs up next to Festivus signs or putting their signs up across the street either. Kinda sounded like this conservative woman was asking for the government to step in and take control
  13. And your the troll who flames anything done by Fox news, right?

  14. It's one thing to have the right to believe whatever you want. It's another thing to mock people who have done nothing to you and just want to celebrate their religious holiday.

    It's ghastly how common courtesy goes out the door just because someone happens to be religious.....Like because they believe in what YOU call a superstition... that they deserved to be mocked or harassed....
  15. Atheists and Christians think they got it all figured out. :smoking:
  16. I saw a poster on here claim that mockery was an acceptable form of civil discourse. :rolleyes:
  17. hahaha! If I were a progressive that's what I'd call it too. "civil discourse". Man, those guys are brilliant at coming up with euphemisms.
  18. Heh, the atheists put up signs saying religious people enslave their mind. Meanwhile they spend their free time putting up signs to further their own cause and discredit religious people instead of having a nice day.

    I never got why followers of any dogma, religious or otherwise, go out of their way to prove followers of any other belief wrong. If you're so sure you're right, why do you have to fuck with people who are sure they're right? Just let em believe what they want and let them figure out on their own there is no God (or burn in hell for not believing in him).

    Static philosophies enslave your mind. Don't get fixed on believing in one thing. I think of certain things in one way today, while I could think of things in a totally contradictory way tomorrow. Who wants to go through life with one set of ideas of what is right and wrong, to me that'd be boring as shit.

    Who gives a flying fuck anyway :smoking:

  19. Yeah, because the right never comes up with meme's
  20. I didn't call it a superstition.

    Or that they deserve to be mocked or harassed.

    But if you'd like to get my thoughts on it:
    Does Christmas offend me? No, not really. I'm more offended by the people who willingly eat what is served to them and accept the definitions they are given. I'd rather be wrong with my own answers than right with someone else's.

    Do I choose not to celebrate Christmas because I don't like that the church created the holiday to ease the transition of pagans they forcibly assimilated into their religion - much like they did with Easter and Halloween therefore in a way these celebrations are in fact a mockery themselves? Sure.

    Do I give a shit if other people like that and choose to celebrate it? Nope

    It's the mother fuckers who think they know it all because mom and dad and their priest and the guy on TV told them it's the birth of Christ or the resurrection and they unquestionably swallow it down that bothers me.

    So common courtesy? I think it's common courtesy to say "Let them do what they want regardless of what I believe" but if that's too rude for you I apologize I'll try to be more politically correct to suit your needs next time.

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