This girls avoiding dirty talk(pic)

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  1. Whenever I start talking about sex or something this girl seems to change the subject or say something stupid as fuck and it's so annoying cuz I'll be laying here in bed high and horny as all hell trying to fantasize about boning her. I just met her a couple days ago so it's probably too soon to be saying slightly sexual things to her but it's mostly PG13.

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  2. She don't want the D bro game over Insert two quarters here...
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  3. Not creepy at all.
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  4. She's not interested. Stop bombarding her with cum talk, you're not Peter North.
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  5. My nigga you're pushing too hard.
    That's like straight up text-rape. Slow your mo-fuckin roll! Lmao.
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    OP is a future sex offender
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    All of my likes.
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  8. But seriously though your were super high. That shit was not pg13. You have to ease into these sort of things sand see if she takes the bait.
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  9. Slicker than Bond.
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  10. Those texts are fuckin weird too. Not funny, not cute. What the hell were you going for? HAHAHA
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  11. yea maybe try a different approach next time

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  12. OP is the ghost of Ted Bundy's boner.
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  13. wow dude just no, not only is that borderline text-rape but the fact that you keep pushing will you seem needier. 
    Anyway, more pics ? 
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  14. You seem to be doing all the right things, have no idea why it's not working for ya :confused_2:
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  16. At least she said "lol".
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  17. This is one of those things I encapsulate forever with the power of Photoshop.
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  18. I thought it was gonna be a picture of her........Sent from....... wouldn't you like to know. Probably your mamas house.
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  19. you're hilariously bad at thisSent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  20. Just noticed he was talking about kegels lol. Confused on why he'd be so weird and pushy if he could do those. Let your actions speak for itself.Plus you don't give away our secretYOU HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM KEGEL KINGDOM!!!!!

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