this girlie i broke up with

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    i broke up with her like a week ago right, our shit was normal before all this so ill just jump in to the good shit

    i already had suspicions that she got pregnant before me an her got together, i heard it from this other beezie like 2 weeks ago, but then Aki goes and tells MY friends how shes pregnant with MY kid, and that shes gonna keep it and run off across the state or some shit.without me. i hear this and kinda trip for the night, thinkin im gonna be a dad and how fucked up it is cuz im still doing mad drugs all the fucking time and i cant have a kid IM a kid

    so i talk to my boss the next day,shes friends with this beezy i was with and Aki tells our boss everything girly shit you know,so my boss tells me THAT this kid aint mine, Aki was pregnant before me an her were together. so im like WHEW aint my shit and broke up with her cuz i dont want any of THAT drama ya know. plus she lied mad times throughout, and was SUPER drama fiilled, i just found my out and took it;)

    so we been stayin low with eachother and barrrrely seeing each other. well i get a text from her this afternoon saying how i need to stop talking shit about her cuz apparently it got back to her and she was wall butt hurt. So when i seen her at work i explained how if im talkin shit about her to people, the only people are fam to me and wouldnt say anything to her ever anyway. So she understands and were coo and she cuts out cuz she ended her shift.

    its all good.

    fastforward the whole night, its 11pm ish tonight and im washing dishes tryin to get my shit done so i can cut and kickit. This bitch comes in shit faced, and to say she twofaced when drunk. She mad chill sober, but a WICKED BITCH when drunk, like she seethes in the teeth and growls and shit really crazy, no joke.

    so she comes in and comes up to me trying to get all girly on me and get me "back" and im just like but she tells me how she DID get her period and shes not pregnant and how we can get together again blah blah, but im still just"nah i aint having any of this type of shit in my life, youre too much drama" and she starts crying..i think i pissed her off more when i made a sarcastic sad face at her and patted her on her head.:laughing::laughing: yeah kinda mean, but she was pissing me off. During this time she had made a reference how her new "boyfriend" lives really close to me so if i wanna hang out shes alwaaaaays there.. it was a sad scene to watch young beezy jonesin for it so bad, shes still feelin me and trying so hard to get back.

    so im like nah right. and she GOES OFF CRUCIAL. about how im gonna pay, and get what i deserve and shit.
    goes into the office and says to the manager homie how shes gonna get our boss to fire me.

    she storms out yelling at me, then manager homie comes and talks to me and is like "fuck that shit,, im tired of her actin like shes the shit and goin off." well he calls our boss, and tells her the whole story..this guy was so cool tonight. me and him have been cool since the first day, but he was talking to me about how if i get fired, hes quitting, because hes so passionate about not letting aki go around doing what shes been doing. actin like straight bitch.

    he also tells me two days ago she got the abortion, it was the dudes she was with before me and apparently she was supposed to have gotten this done already but never did. this girl was pregnant the whole time. she was 3 months.

    well our boss told him to tell me .....not to worry at all Aki would be fired before me, and shes gettin written up tomorrow at work. HAH BITCH. thats life.

    that might be all over the place but thats how it came out this is more of a documentation for me of this experience, and its 330 in the morning.

    2 things ive learned: TRUST YOUR GUT ALWAYS.


    but i went to the zoo, aquarium, the movies, got mad pussy, and she bought me a steamroller which is super dope.

    not bad for a month.:cool::cool:
  2. pretty cool story but the language you speak is so so far away from what i speak.
  3. Hey where are you from. A lot of that I didn't understand.
  4. im glad u didnt get any bitches pregnant gotta hate the baby drama been through that

    and i thought it was funny as hell when u were talkin about makin the sarcastic sad face:hello:
  5. Sounds like a manipulator.

    First she tries to lie and say its yours, you find out thats a lie.

    Then she say's she got her period, another lie.

    Then she gets an abortion, proving her lie to be a lie.

    Dont need dat crap in my life, i'm sure you dont need that in yours.

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