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  1. i mentioned her in an earlier thread back in the day about cutting ties with her. yeah well, i never did. shes cool, still distant as hell but whatever, beats sittin on my ass alone.

    anyway, nothin seems to get her off my mind. im always thinking about her, at home, at work, even when i went out with the homies to do the blunt/pineapple express thing.

    my question is this. smoking has failed to clear my mind of her. and i dont want to cut her out of my life because shes a decent friend. but if shes always around she wont leave my mind until someone else comes along.
    *note* ive been single for 2 years and turned down 16 times in a row, so it probably wont happen any time soon.
    in any case, its tearing my mind apart.
  2. I understand the situation all too well. I usually dwell on things for a day or two and then just convince myself not to worry about it, somehting better will come along, if it wasn't mant to be it wasn't meant to be. As for the girl, start thinking about her like a guy and the emotion will wash away.
  3. From my experience I have found that when you try to look or get with someone, it rarely happens, but when you stop putting all your energy into that kind of stuff, and just enjoy the other things, sometimes you wind up meeting a really cool person unexpectedly.
    Its easier said than done yes, and it will take time.

    Best of luck.

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