This girl likes me quite a bit

Discussion in 'General' started by filledwithseeds, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. This girl is my friends ex girlfriend. I was friends with her before they started dating then my friend was a dick to her he did some stupid stuff got violent and started yelling. I came into the situation and said that was not cool and made the situation calm down.
    Ever since then I have tried to stay friends with her and she has these guys she sees and I see other girls. I have never tried sleeping with her but her best friend has.
    The other day I was at the beach with this girl and her best friend and she was intoxicated, she saw me with my shirt off and  I overheard her talking about wanting to sleep with me with her friend and her friend thinks she should.
    Should  I just take this girl out for ice cream in the middle of the week one night?
    My house keeps getting invaded multiple times a week so the more time I spend outside my house the better honestly.

  3. just bang her already
  4. I can't even take this thread seriously after the other one you made...
  5. shitty troll..
    Dude im 100% serious my house gets invaded too damn much and I would rather go out and get ice cream then wait in my house and get some high cracked out goons crawling in my window lifting bongs and pipes. Its stupid as shit
    Anyways I should probably just take her out? I don't want to disappoint her i guess because I like her and she doesn't deserve to be treated poorly.
  7. Take her out and make sure she's filled with seeds as well before the night is up.
  8. give her the d
  9. Another fantasy?
  10. I feel you man. The Ruskies invaded my crib the other day.

    Got lost on their way back from Afghanistan and been just wondering and invading small hamlets and villages ever since.
  11. Ask her out and lock your doors ;)
  12. Fuck her right in the ass
  13. cool story broheem
  14. I think you should of confronted her right then and there when u heard her and her friend chatting about wanting a threesome. It would have probably been your lucky day!
  15. Lol at ice cream.


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