This girl has me confused

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  1. Ok so it goes like this me and this girl went to a party and i got pretty drunk and after i dropped her off i called her to talk but dont remember anything i said. Then we hung out the next day and she told me these exact words out of nowhere " oh i almost forgot to tell u i sort of have a boyfriend now he called me rly drunk and told me to remind him later" i didnt say anything cus i was bummed out i thought she had a bf but now that i think about it was she tryin to say something? I talked to her for like 15 mins but dont remember a word
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    Maybe she was fucking with you and trying to hint that she wants to go out? Assuming you were the drunk guy she was referring to in the phone call.
  3. so you were drinking and driving?
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    Yes wasnt very smart of me i was drunk enough to forget what i said but i could drive pretty good
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    She's saying you asked her out last night. Now your her boyfriend. She's hinting that!
  6. i hope her boyfriend pounds the piss out of you
  7. thats all i heard to
  8. i hope you do it again and roll your vehicle and it lands on. after being pinned for 3 hours in unimaginable pain someone comes up and steals your wallet and pisses on your head. then after 8 hours of pain you begin to wish you were dead. Finally you are rescued but both legs are amputated and your dick no longer works. Eventually after years and years of misery you will finally kill yourself by drinking too much and vomitting to death in a 16 hour gutwrenching ordeal. You'll then win some sort of giveaway and news cameras will come to your house and on live tv will discover your shit and puke covered legless body with your tiny non-working dick in full view. As they gasp in horror, and still broadcasting live, a dog will come up and rape your anus.
  9. ^ He admitted it wasn't smart. Calm down and go smoke a bowl, you have some problems if you wish all that.
  10. hmmmmm, how many people die from alcohol related accidents a year?
  11. No win situation

  12. But that doesn't give you the right to go and chew him out after he admitted it was wrong. You just need to calm down and realize it happens everyday. Obviously its not good and we all realize that, but you don't have to go and mouth off like a 5 year old that just learned to cuss. Get your shit straight.
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    Thanks man appreciate it but yeah about this situation, i dont wanna ask her about it cus if i did ask her out and dont remember she might get pissed
  14. wtf is wrong with you people?

    Mothers Against Drunk Drivers?

    when did you ladies get on GC?

    He shouldn't have been driving that fucked up but damn, we've all driven drunk. Are you telling me I'm supposed to call a cab and leave my car wherever the fuck I'm at every time I have a few beers? Sorry, but I ain't got it like that

  15. this.
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    I haven't. And yes. Or, the most obvious option-- DON'T TAKE YOUR FUCKING CAR.

    We aren't even discussing "a few beers". I believe the OP said he was "pretty drunk" to the point of not being able to remember what he said to this girl.

    You're speaking on behalf of a minority of idiots who would rather drive home drunk and risk multiple lives than take a bus, subway, call a cab or a sober friend to pick you up. If you don't have the money for a cab you probably shouldn't be wasting your money on beer because you obviously have bigger financial problems to worry about.

    What the fuck is wrong with you?
  17. You M.A.D.D?


    sorry, I had to
  18. It sounds like you started a relationship with her while you were inebriated.

    What's the point of arguing about him driving, it happened, no one got hurt. Drop it.

    It's stupid, and I hope you are racked with guilt for doing it. Hopefully there won't be a next time...
  19. I don't see how people can't drive drunk. I can be completely SMASHED and drive fine. But you're putting peoples lives at risk driving sober or not, you never know when an accident is going to happen.

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