This genoration needs a new drug.

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  1. I was thinking, the 30s 60s had Acid, the 70s coke, 80s coke...crack, 90s ecstasy, 00s Adderall/ Oxy.
    So what do you think will be the new thing?
    Take in consideration:
    60s had Acid because of freedom, new grounds, rebellion.
    70's had coke because self love, escape from life with an indulgence twist
    80's crack, way over indulgence
    90's ecstasy, loving the world
    00's Adderall/ Oxys work, work, work, numb the world

    So whats next? what should that drug be? If it hasn't been created, what do you want it to do?
  2. Hmmmm, I'd say analogues are gonna be Huge.

    The 2c-_ family specially.
  3. no. What this generation needs to do is legalize weed. I dont do drugs, i do weed.
  4. good little chart you got going man, i wonder as well too. maybe bear tranq's hahaha JK.

    but really i hear tranqulizers are getting big, around my way atleast
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    yea we're already seeing the next-gen drugs with the 2C's and DMT

    im still awaiting my first acid trip, so im stuck in the 60s for now. i certainly have no connects for 2c-anything or DMT - but i did finally get acid last week - sitting in my jar in my drawer till im ready to drop (waiting to get off my meds)
  6. i think we're already in the pill generation - have been since somewhere in the 90s id say - but whats next? im stickin with DMT and the 2c's
  7. I second the 2c fam notion. I would also like it to become easier to track down, not everyone saying. "2see whaaaat???"
  8. This generations drug will be Ketamine. It's already running rampart in Europe. I myself havent tried it but i would love to
  9. i would definitly love to try somthing from the 2c family.
  10. weed is a drug maan.

    but really who knows. right now is definitely the pill generation.

    whats next? maybe the cycle will just start over. back to acid. im down.:cool:

  11. where the fuck do you live? lol
  12. Why can we only have one drug?

    I'm pretty sure weed is THE drug of all generations...

    But fuck one, I want em all.
  13. fuck yea k!
  14. ketamine is a cat tranquilizer - soo... maybe thats whats getting big around you. ive never even seen it around, heard of it being around, or had any opportunity to try it

  15. i agree. and weed will become legal and when we grow up we'll think of ketamine and other drugs like our parents think of weed.
  16. i dunno about that:cool:
  17. i think our generation is too open-minded towards drugs to have stigma's towards any drug like our parents do
  18. [ame=""]YouTube - Huey Lewis and The News - I Want A New Drug[/ame]

    lol i'm high

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