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This Fri is halloween!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ToKeN NiNja, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Just wondering what u guys were doin this fri? i know ill be on messed up motha fucka..gettin me a nice 1/2 and some shro0mz...Trick or Treat! ...lmao..
  2. Im goin to a big keg party fri night. A lot of the girls there are actually hippies, they smoke more pot than me (which is a lot). So its cool hangin with them, they just light up all night... got some Haze for fri night to, this shit is really good
  3. this years halloween is going to be the best. 1/4 ounce of great humbult bud, 2 40's of guiness and a local concert. me and 3 other guys are dressing up as the droogs from a clockwork orange ( im Dim) should turn out great
  4. I think im going to my friends house and we are gonna get some haze and have some fun, free munchies, haha! I love Halloween when your high
  5. Halloween is very different for me this year, i don't know why, it's something about it.

    Me and friends are going to get drunk,high and watch our fireworks being let off then just go around, maybe find a party, who knows...brilliant party there on monday night..through till tuesday lunchtime, fuck we were stoned.
  6. i'm so fuckin stoked i can't even wait. me and all my friends are gonna smoke our selves retarted then go trick or treating and get all the free candy we want. its gonna be sooo sweeet! hope you guys have fun too.
  7. drunken trick or treating... if i can get some cash around.... i bought a few grams of some killer bud for tommorow. hopefully ill find a party too
  8. Grounded. So i'll have a wicked crazy night going to bed early for the SATs...
  9. I'm goin to bashment too check out a battle my bredrin gonna b bustin mic, gonna ava mad time.
  10. i'm going to a halloween's gonna kill...tonight i'm getting about a half...just for tomorrow (unless i dip into it a little tonight ;) hehe) and there aren't gonna be that many smokers there...that and they are all still newbs at tokin' so i'm gonna get to smoke most of it myself :D

    go me...hehe
  11. well hope u all have a good time! cuz i know i will!
  12. wow, halloween is in like a half hour and i still have no clue what im doin, but i know it involves a party... ive been on a mad search for bud cuz my usual guy aint pickin up his phone and ive been asking around, arg it is so hard to find bud in this town, but i managed to track some down so right after school i need to go pick that up, hopefully this night will be crazy
  13. Me and some friends are getting really stoned and then going trick or treating. This year im gonna be Thurgood from Half that guy. I hope everyone else has a good one. Peace.

    I'm probably gonna go grab a half o and bong it. Only for myself! But you are welcome to join me. :)
  15. stuck at home in a new city where i know no one

  16. Pass out joints to Trick or Treaters and their parents when they come to the door. Word will spread like wildfire and you'll have plenty of friends before the clock strikes midnight.
  17. would be a great idea but no smoke,no connections=no smoke
  18. i'm going to what's supposed to be a kickass party tonight. me and my buddy started off by waking and baking outta the bong we bought yesterday. we're going to the party tonight as cheech and chong (i'm chong) because everyone in our apartment complex knows us as the two stoners, lol.
  19. I have a party to go to first and then some "stuff" to do afterwards at a certain someones house who did "stuff" at my house last year. :D Maybe I'll do some other "stuff" too! ;)

    Then, I'm on my way to Mooger's, where ever that may be, because Mooger is passing out the good candy!!!!

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