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Discussion in 'General' started by chiefMOJOrisin, May 29, 2009.

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  1. This is a horrible place. The amount of people talking lightly about terrible drugs, and even telling others to do them is staggering.

    I am really suprised moderators don't do anything. I would have no trouble believing that this place created a ton of junkies.

    Why do these people think hard drugs ae so glamourous and cool? Don't you know anything?? Take it from an addict (5+ years clean from opiates).... IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!

    Let us try a little exercise I did in rehab. Listing the pros and cons of using drugs. For this I will use heroin.... but the pros/cons are pretty much the same for all.

    PRO- you get a ridiculously amazing high

    CON- as a direct reslut you get itchy and scratch youself until you bleed

    PRO- it's only 10$ a hit

    CON- after a while you need 6+ hits to get high

    PRO- ......

    CON- it murders your liver

    PRO- ......

    CON- you lose your friends and family

    PRO- ......

    CON- you start to wither and become butt ugly, or uglier.

    PRO- ......

    CON- you can't piss when high, you become super constipated at ALL times

    PRO- ......

    CON- you can die

    PRO- ......

    CON- once your habit becomes substantial (and it will, trust me) you can't afford it

    PRO- ......

    CON- you have to steal to pay for the habit

    PRO- .....

    CON- you lose your house/job due to stealing or drug use

    PRO- .......


    PRO- .......

    CON- the only 'friends' left steal from you

    PRO- .......

    CON- all you have are drug buddies, NO FRIENDS

    PRO- ......

    CON- you will feel like complete and utter shit until you use again

    PRO- ......

    CON- you get dope sick the instant you wake up

    PRO- ......

    CON- you can do NOTHING until you get fixed

    PRO- ......


    PRO- .......

    CON- you pawn everything for drugs

    PRO- .......

    CON- finally, the last person you have gives up (usually mom)

    PRO- .......

    CON- now you need 6+ hit just to get normal. Forget about getting high

    PRO- ......

    Get it?
  2. And then there are those of us who have self control to an extent.

    I saw what was happening to me and I've slowed way down.
  3. I agree

    but I did a shit load of E and speed when I was younger so I can't talk

    haven't touched anything other than MJ for 7 years

  4. You are one of the few. Just be careful.... addicts and users have an uncanny skill of bullshitting themselves.
  5. Damn, that is intense shit. Yea moderation is key but it would be hard to stop yourself I can see that....good post.
  6. I totally agree that a lot of people here take the use of hard drugs really lightly.

    I also agree that this forum has probably been very helpful in creating more then a few addicts. Ultimately it's the addict that creates the addict, but, places like grasscity definitely encourage things along. We all have free will, but (to coin a cliche) youths are easily impressionable.

    But I also think this place is just as helpful as it is harmful. There are a lot of people here (like yourself) who bring a lot of intelligent insight to the table. I like to think that there are just as many people out there who decided NOT to take try heroin/meth/crack because of something they read on here.

    I'd hate to see too much censorship from the moderators, because sometimes the stupidity sets a really good example for the rest of us NOT to follow!
  7. if you're bashing the site, why are you a member?
    there's something called SELF CONTROL.
    Personally, I went from weed everyday for a year
    to ecstacy everyday for three months
    to bars everyday for two months
    to coke 47248938409 times a day for a month
    to fucking heroin.
    I got off ALL of that easy as shit and now it's just me, my bud, and my friends.
    Yes, REAL friends.
    Not everybody has that addictive personality.
    I take it that I'm just lucky I didn't get into too much trouble with any of that,
    but how about you don't generalize everybody saying all of that is going to happen to us.
    If you don't like it, then leave.
    It obviously looks like you had it rough and hearing about other people doing what you used to is only gonna get you all worked up for nothing.
  8. I choose to read the threads that interest me. I am not interested in other drugs so I do not read the threads titled "LSD" "METH"...ETC. That is just my two cents.

    The people that would actually listen to others that they don't know regarding other drugs were likely to do it anyway.

    I will agree I dont think that those discussions should be as frequent since this is a site geared toward MJ, but it is bound to happen.

  9. They dont moderate that shit because i believe that they think that we all have some level of intelligence, to the extent that if somebody tells you to do herione on a forum, your not gonna do it. I think you need to read what your OP says...Because it's very general and very sterotypical.
  10. I also agree, and not just for "hard" drugs but for fucking weed aswell, I've seen so many of my friends into mental institutions and developing schizophrenia, and I'm really sorry I mean I love the herb but I think it's pretty disgusting that people say all this shit like it's not dangerous or not a drug and push for legalisation when so many of my mates are just fucked in the head now.

    I rekon those who are going to experiment with drugs are going to experiment with drugs and those who aren't, aren't. There's like a 99.9% chance that every kid is going to be offered drugs at some point, and probably more often than once, so peer pressure and the talking of drugs lightly is going to be there in real life anyway.

    I take it you're not into the occasional substance abuse lol.
  11. I fuck with opiates every couple months, they are a good for a change up every now and then. I've also done coke, acid, E, nitrous, cigs, booze in my lifetime. I now only smoke bud and take and oxy every once in a great while. Some people can handle there drugs!
  12. Eh, to say this place is "terrible" is not really a fair statement.
    To say the least, many of us have friends here. not to mention, it's actually a decent place to get great help and advice. The way i see it, people are going to do drugs, whether GC tells them to, or not.
    The least we can do is be there for the ones that ARE going through addiction problems. You'd be surprised how far sharing life experiences can go.
    I've always looked at this place as a community for everyone, not just stoners.
  13. i see hard drugs(imo meth,crack,heroin,opietes-i do some) for some people just to get a better high, which is kinda anti-weed but yes, weed can be a gateway drug for certin people, *not all*. and once they try it the way they think completly changes and its all the want/strive for.
  14. I don't think he was generalizing anything.

    You're really lucky that your drug use didn't turn into more, and hopefully it stays that way for you. But, looking back on it all... what did you really gain from it? How much money did you spend on it all?

    He's not saying everyone will end up under the bridge with a needle in their arm, just that in the long run, it's really not worth it.

    If you ask ANY junkie or ex-junkie over the age of 30, they will tell you the same thing. That kind of insight comes only from experience, and I hope someone with that kind of experience doesn't leave.

  15. Fun times!
  16. If they are trying weed for highs then they already have a mindset that they want to get really high...and once they find friends with coke and heroine they'll do that because by then weed is only getting them slightly high.

    Anyway yea, you will be addicted if you have an addictive personality, I would never try coke/heroine and if I did I wouldn't get addicted because I already have it in my mind that I don't like it.

  17. Not that I feel the need to explain myself to you...

    But I enjoy the members here and the convos about whatever. Did I say, every single person here does this or that? No. And if you read the whole thing, you'd see that I did say that not everyone has those things happen.

    Eveyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Obviously that threatens you. If it does bothers you, take you own fucking advice and 86 yourself. You are a hypocrite... saying I generalized everything. You generalized MY words. Did I say this entire site and every single forum is bad? No. I specified what I was talking about. Nit-picking doesn't become you.

    And for what it's worth, I don't believe you. If you did coke 47248938409 times a day for a month you would be hooked. Hand down. And saying that it is' as easy as shit' to get off heroin is just a lie. Don't downgrade others struggles because you're tying to look cool.

    Sounds like I hit a nerve there, buddy.

    And actually, I am not generalizing about people. The vast majority of those who use hard drugs WILL become addicted. And that isn't my opinion... its a fucking fact.

    Do me a favor. Read slower, do some research, grow up, then come back and have a normal conversation/arguement. It is going to be a tough life if you can't create original rebuttal to insignificant conversations/arguements instead of mouthing off and becoming defensive.

    And I definately agree with the other guy who said that this place is helpful. It certainly is. One could post a question about anything and get several good responses. But, like anything and anywhere in life, there are going to be knuckleheads who are just ignorant. (uh hmm.....).

    I for one learned a ton when I first started growing. In fact, I learned so much that I decided to become a member here. ANd for the most part, the members are responsible and mature people. But like I said, everywhere you go there will be knuckleheads (uh HMMMMMM....)

    Opinion. Its an interesting word.
  18. Yea I think this forum is actually prety good for it though, because you are going to get honesty, not propaganda. And you can't actually understand what you gain from taking different drugs until you've done it yourself, I personally am glad for my experience and although I've spent thousands and thousands I feel like it was worth it. But it's not for everyone and it is risky business and for alot of people it really isn't worth it.

    But although alot of people may talk about drugs too lightly, I think it is just as bad to talk about them too... heavily?
  19. The reason why I love Pandora's is simple:

    While this isn't true 100% of the time, 9 out of 10, you will be given facts that you need to know.

    People go in the Box to look for answers to some scary questions.

    The least we can do is give them the facts and our own outlook on personal experiences.
  20. If you don't like what you read, don't read it. But don't go about censoring the information for the others who want it. ESPECIALLY since you're just a member here like the rest of us.

    There are disclaimers on Pandora's Box for a reason.
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