This ever happen to you?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Purpzor, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Well this just happened. I was planning on wakin n bakin but mid session my lighter runs out. And of course I'm like "That's fine I'll just go buy a few more at 7-11." Nope! The roads are fucking closed due to weather. That shit ever happened to yall?

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  2. Nah not really. Sorry about that brother! You got any matches laying around the house?
  3. Nope I like to buy in bulk and leave a lighter in every room in my house plus a few in the car. 
  4. I had this problem a few years back. If you have a J and a toaster that might be of some help. At the time this happened my lighter died on me, I had no spares and shops were closed. The cooker at the time was a useless electric one and I had no toaster to try and light it from. I make sure I have several spares now.
  5. Not exactly but I got a story to make you feel way better.

    Me and my boy went kayaking with us a bowl bud and lighter. We went like three miles down river to a beach like thing in the middle of the river.

    I put the stuff down and stood the lighter up. It fell down and got sand in it. Couldn't use it. My buddy took it apart but lost the flint or whatever so we had a long unbaked kayak ride back.

    Oh and another time me and another buddy were kayaking passing the bowl and lighter back and forth and the lighter fell in the river. Was able to get it going eventually but ya Fuck that shit lol.

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  6. extract a wick from a candle and light it with your stove
  7. Put it in a brownie or firecracker and eat it

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  8. Not exactly but sometimes I can't find a lighter and then I can't smoke :( sometimes I'll get a toothpick and goto my stove to use it as a match hahha.

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  9. One day I was picking up a friend from work and it was close to 4:20, so I pulled out my pipe and a lighter and waited a few minutes, then 4:20 came and the lighter didnt work! There were three others in the car and none of them worked. I was disappointed and had to wait about half hour till I got home. It was a bummer :/

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  10. Me and a buddy were bored and decided to hiking up in the mountains. So we come across this stream and decide its a good place to smoke. So I get the bowl all loaded and everything and take a hit. I go to pass the pipe to my friend but I dropped the lighter and it went into the stream, and it was our only lighter. It's sucked so bad
  11. Yes. Improvise a wick with a opaper towel. Soak it in flammable fuel spark it till it catches on fire w the empty lighter. Then light your j.

    This technique isn't recommended for bowls and may add a little taste,but hey, it's a life saver

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