this ever happen to anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by kevinmc00, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Ok im sorry but has anyone just been anihilated by 1 and a half bowls? It usually takes me 2 very big bowls outa my bong to get me really high but tonight i just dide 1 and a half out of my small spoon and im as high or higher than when I used my bong. Its just like wow.

    sorry anyone else feel this way or am i just fucking high?
  2. I love when i get wicked high off a bowl and i didnt expect it, but have you ever smoked a bowl before you had to do soemthing semi important and you just get blazed and and realize it probly isnt the best idea to continue as planned ( if u had to see poeple or somethin of that nature ) that happens to me occasionally.
  3. wow you guys

    i usually get boned off a half a bowl

    hahahah... and this is schwag.. hahahah
  4. its actully happened to me before
  5. yea I love when that happends.

    I'll be sitting here setting some weed aside to smoke. usually a few bowls.

    smoke the first one then kind of sit back and realize how baked I got.

    freaking awesome.
  6. its called dank... i love dank

    this is exciting me to stop my tollerence break cuz when im done ill be soooo fucking blazzzzed and i cant wait

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