this ever happen to anyone?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by tanker133, May 15, 2010.

  1. so the other day, my avg was doing the scheduled scan and it picks up my windows activation hack. I clicked add to exceptions but when i turn my computer on the next day, it locks me out saying i need to activate windows.

    after countless hours of frustration, i finally find a way to get in. i clicked on go to microsoft website which opened google chrome.

    couldnt do much from there, but i figured out that if i downloaded a torrent file, it would bring up utorrent, along with everything on my desktop for about 30 seconds. i then hurried and went to system restore and reset my computer to a couple days before i got locked out. everything works fine now and it hasnt happened since.

    i love windows but they go waaaaay overboard on the activation and shit.
  2. maybe if u just payed for your copy of windows u would have no problems
  3. why pay 100$ and still have problems, wen i could hack it for free?
  4. lol @ "hack" term. + you're using AVG, good job failing at life.
  5. My windows 7 was also found by microsoft to be faulty, but I found an activator on TPB which worked. Or you could just buy windows 7

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