This duff's for you

Discussion in 'General' started by 420choochoo, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I am thanking myself for saving my "duff" after vaporizing. Now that I'm out of green
    I have my duff to fall back on. My duff is getting me about as high as when it was first smoked. This was my first time smoking the "what's left over" after getting my Da Buddha vaporizer. Seems a good way to go till the next zip of fresh green.

    e' Duff-said

  2. Are you sure that you're vaping fully if the leftovers get you high?'s supposed to use all the THC. But enjoy regardless.
  3. There's really no "supposed to" involved. You can smoke/vape to any point you choose to avoid combustion or scourching. There's always a little left over even if it looks totally brown. I use duff processed in virgin olive oil to use on my skin for cuts, irritations, bites, etc. Stuff is great and works quickly to soothe. I forget the exact name of the infusion result.

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