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this dude wants to trade me

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by peachcigar, May 28, 2009.

  1. sorry this doesnt belong in pandoras box but I dont know were to put it anyways this dude wants to trade my 2003 yz450f for his 1988 ford festiva here is the pix of the car and the dirtbike my dirtbike is nice as fuck but I need a car pretty bad do u think I should trade

  2. that car looks like junk, no.
  3. you could probably buy that car for close to $800
  4. All I know is drugs. What is ""
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    no dude dont do it you could sell that yzf for 1,700
  6. keep ur bike unless that thing has 0 miles and a supercharged v-8 with a bose system.

    keep ur bike.
  7. Keep the bike broski!!!!!!
  8. put tags on ur bike...or get a diff car...that pos is not worth the hassle
  9. fuck all that car mumbo jumbo
  10. if its a 450 get it street legalized and put some lights on it and you wont need a car :hello:

    plus you will save a lot on gas!
  11. i wouldn't be caught dead in a festiva. they practially have sewing maching engines, and next to the pinto the biggest piece of shit ford ever produced. followed by the contour of course.

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