This dont look right?

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  1. 16 days flowering ebb and flow. It has pistals but should there be more for a big bud strain, first time growing BB. It had a couple of what looked like balls on the 2nd node down and I plucked em but I cant tell if this is more growing on the top or just calyx's.

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  2. i see pistils so i think you are good. Does look a bit strange though. But might be too soon to say IMO
  3. Nothing ever happens in the first two weeks.

    No I mean I'm sure you got the one big bud plant that is "broken" and doesn't flower. :rolleyes:
  4. 3 weeks you start to really the bud sites. 4-6 weeks the plant goes ape shit. 7-9 weeks slows down towards the end and there ready. Just chill and be patient.
  5. yea 16 days that dont look normal, but it could change in a few more days you never know
  6. Well I was interested in this strain "big bomb" to use it for breeding but out of 7 plants I got 5 males 1 female and what looks to be now 1 hermie. Obviously I wont be passing any of these fucked up genes on to my other strains.... And I heard so many good things about thc bomb, what a shame.
  7. With Macro Lense... Looses detail after about 25% zoom.

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