This dating thing really is a game and don't let your guard down

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  1. I always had my guard up with females. I recently started hanging out with this girl who was saying how much she likes me. I let my guard down and got burned. Lesson learned.
  2. I also learned that dating is something I just don't feel cut out for. It seems like things can go too wrong easily and I don't have the energy to keep trying and thinking about it. I guess single life is more appealing

  3. what std did you get?

  4. Maybe I'm just really high but I'm failing to see how you got burned here? A girl likes you. Thats a win most of the time in my book.
  5. What happened man, share the full story
  6. Dude, you've said it all.

    This summer i met a girl at a party i got her number, and she proceeded to text me all the time, she told me that when i left the party that she told her friends she was going to make me hers :p

    So about a month after she told me all of this she was always wanting to hangout and one night she asked me what we were, i took that as a signal for her wanting to be my girlfriend.

    When i asked, she said yes and we hooked up for like two hours :p She must've actually been really into me.

    After three weeks went by, i let my guard down and starting calling her and wanting to see her like maybe 2-3 times a week. (i know guys that hangout with their girlfriend everyday, and i wanted to be with her all the time.)

    After those three weeks of me seeing her like that, she must've just gotten bored with it or just got over me? Because then she'd just be really short, and she finally (In a fucking text) said, i think we should talk about us, "i'm really fucked up" << yeah that's what she said.

    I'm over her because that was really immature of her to do, and honestly a lot of girls are. Some live their whole life not being able to commit to a relationship.

    It was shitty of her to do that to me, i actually really liked her at the time.
  7. When we were hanging out she was clearly into. We made out a lot and I even slept over. I didn't try anything past that yet cuz I know she didn't wanna rush. She also told me she liked me a lot and didn't wanna talk to anyone else. Pretty much saying she wanted to make it exclusive.

    But I mentioned some story about how me and my friend were in a class in high school and he got sent to the office for drawing a dick on my school picture in ms paint. To me that's funny and not a big deal. But she was like WHOA I'm gonna take a step back here.

    She made a huge fuckin deal out of a story that really isn't that bad. Not only that but I listened to all her problems and stories and didn't act like I needed a step back. How is she gonna be all happy that I'm so understanding yet gets weirded out over stupid shit. And I know she's not a fuckin prude.

    All in all I think she made a huge deal out of nothing. And if I gotta do my best to not be myself and censor my humor which really isnt that horrible then I'd rather be single
  8. Probably wasn't the picture man.. :/ girls try and make excuses. They're never upfront.

  9. Then she shouldn't have said she wanted to be exclusive. Both these events happened within a day mind you. And people call me a woman hater cuz I think their methods are completely retarded
  10. I don't think u should give up on love..if its something u really want ull fight for it..
    I know I can't really give u the best advice as I somewhat feel the same but in a different way, I just feel I meant to be alone..not everyones ment to be with someone even if everyone does have someone out there for them,I just don't think theres anything else for me,as for you..there will be heart break & disappointment along the road,but when u get to the end of'll be worth it,keep lookin shes out there somewhere :]
  11. Sooo true! Dont ever trust anyone ever. Live your entire life alone or engage only in shallow, meaningless relationships. Its the only way.

  12. That's lame that they call you that man. What you're explaining is true and happens a lot. At fault of the woman, not the man.
  13. ^^ I didn't see that you said you were giving up man.

    You might be upset now or whatever, but you've got your whole life to live and you can't be going out feeling like every or most girl's are bitches, because that's not true.

    I feel your pain man, but just learn from this, and when this happens again, just remember that a lot of girls are really immature and can't handle relationships.
  14. You might as well give up. There was just that one female on the planet.... Oh wait.
  15. girls will be girls :tisk tisk tisk :
  16. i feel you man, i've been there

    happens every time

    they can't handle my python
  17. Guys do that shit too though... Everyone is playin this game with eachother when they start talkin. Why cant we all just be up front about shit?? gahh. Drives me nuts!
  18. I had the same problem recently, seems like I'm attracted to sluts and sluts are attracted to me. This girl I was dating was talking about marriage and turns out she was seeing two other guys. We had been going together around eight months and I found out one of the guys she had been dating for around six months.
  19. Are you Jonah Hill?

    [ame=]SuperBad-Dick Drawings - YouTube[/ame]
  20. all over a dick picture joke?

    what a bitch. lol

    girls be using too much codes and hinting, just say it.... maybe she is testing how much you want her?

    at least you tried if not....

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