This confirms my mom is crazy ...

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  1. ok those who have read my past post will love this ...ok we went to the dr wed and the doctor told my mother she suffered from depression and anxiety..i thought hed offer treatment but no instead he just gave her pills ...she started to take them havent seen any improvement in her mood and i doubt i will i just think its my mothers personality to be bitchy she always has been except when i was 4 those were the good times but other than that shes always been bitchy....oh well il keep yall posted on if her mood has improved

  2. Lol dude, medication takes a while to set in. She can't just take the pills and be supermom in 20 minutes. It actually takes months, depending on the dosage and the combination - you might need to go through a lot of changes in her meds before she finds the right balance.
  3. My mom has the same shit, but it's got a name; bipolar disorder. She has been on so many different combinations of meds for a few years now and she has been getting better but just recently, I've noticed a few things. She sounds like she just woke up all the time, she drops shit, and she has hallucinations. I had to drive her to her doctor's appoint m]ent because she was too fucked to drive. It could be from changing of meds, or something like that. But the point i it was just so un expected.
  4. hey t bellizleeee glad to see that you got your mother atleast diagnosed, the meds will take a week or two to set in so just ride out the storm and you will be cruisin in her car in no time, like i said in all of your threads, best of luck to you and im always open to talk to another blade about there problems or just to bs when there feeling down.
  5. It takes at least 2 weeks for the levels of most medications of that kind to build up in the body to the point of starting to be effective.

    I, for one, am pretty anti-pills. I think behavioral modification is far more powerful.
  6. THIS IS TOTALLY OF TOPIC BUT oddyball do you live in NY??? I had probs with a "girl" who looked like youre avatar...
  7. Drugs like Prozac and other SSRI's or anti-depressants take a couple weeks to develop. Also there is no recreational value in anti-depressants or SSRI's, just throwing that out there.
  8. Thank you ~huggles~ i swear as soon i can get the hell out (when ever i can find someone wholl hire me damn economy) i can come on here and talk about important shit where i can find some blueberry :)...that shit is good awwww now im getting sad again :( nobody around here sells that shit.
  9. WOOHOO for huggles <3 lol i am in the blueberry capital of the world =] even though i know you dont mean the delicious food
  10. I'm not a big fan of pills, but it sounds like a begining of progress. I hope the improvements come smoothly and soon. ::forwards good vibes your way::

    Gawd I'm so stoned :smoking:

  11. u gots to sprinkle some organic mary jane from the garden into her food

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