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  1. Alright so over the past three or so years i've been a weekly/daily smoker and my tolerance got high so after a two month t break followed by three months of smoking twice danks doesn't do much :(

    It breaks my heart I used to love bud so much and when I was ready to come back to it my tolerance felt higher then before :mad:

    Anyone have any ideas?

    have some headband n a bowl or two of some hindu kush i'll go smoke a few bowls and report back

  2. Making an oz's worth if my reggies guy gets out on bond (got drunk n smashed some shit on patties day)

    Firecrackers with up to an 1/8 of a dank nvr worked tho..

    What i'm saying is..

    I have top quality bud, my mates get fried off the same amount and they smoke more often then me..

    Does god hate me or some shit :mad:
  3. t-break or spanking
  4. Alright one more time

    Smoked three or four times the past couple months (half a year to be exact)
  5. go on a cleansing cycle. Omega 3 helps repair receptors in your brain.
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    Don't understand these threads. I've smoked the last 4 years multiple times a day and I still get baked off a bowl or 2. Am I just special or something?

    I smoke good bud too....
  7. The tolerance factor is not universal. Every individual has a unique physiology. While a general rule of thumb (“30 days = wipe, 60-90 = reset”), may apply to most people, there is a lot of gradation. Ultimately the only way to gauge your tolerance mechanism is to self-monitor. If this was your first experience with a t-break than you are just beginning to understand how you respond to THC as a whole -- not just the high.

    Some people take a long time to build up noticeable tolerance, and then take a long time for it to go back down. You said that you'd been a pretty heavy user for years, so you may need a longer than usual break for it to diminish.

    On the other end of the spectrum, some people build tolerance extremely quickly (in just a few months, or even weeks) but they can also lose it very quickly.

    You may be on one end or somewhere in-between. Again, only time and experience will tell.


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