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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in need of some marijuana help. My goverment teacher recently gave us a list of possible essay topics, and one of them was "Should public school's be alloud to drug test". If anyone has any opions on this topic, or know of any good websights, such as the aclu, or norml, i would love to hear about it. I will give you funn credit in my paper, if you like, so i will need your name so i can put you on my works cited page. Also, if you are pro-drug testing (i'm assuming most are not, but you never know) I would love to hear from you too, so I can have all angles covered. I will post my paper for all who are intrested after I complete a final draft. Thanks everyone (for reading this long post if nothing else).

    Peace, and Keep puffing
    - Paul (18 year old high school senior)
  2. I am a highschool senior, my school conducts "random" drug test every five weeks or so on and off, or sometimes they'll be taken for a month at every other week.

    They cannot drug test you unless:

    1: your a member of any afterschool programs, both athetic and otherwise or...
    2: you drive to school, you need a parking sticker also, and you can be drug tested then.

    I don't like the idea: it's a matter of personal rights.

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