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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. ive been just counting on getting in on this cable/tv thingy thats all the'rage... anyway helll of a deal in my area...all the movie channels and crap along with all the rest of the cable 2 seperate boxes im tired of watching spongebob ALL DAY! one week into summer break) and cable connection, somthing i hear is very good for 70 somthing bucks a month. basically what i pay now for crap. SOoooo, i trip over these men putting all these boxes all the F over up and down our roads. i call today to get itand ya know what?...
    what you say.
    they tell me i cant have it. my address would compromise thier blah blah signal or some crap, like eh,..."lady i live on the main road you ran a box down every dirt road comming and going." she missed my point completley, insisiting just because people live on dirt roads they could have cable,..blahblah..
    "no,no what i mean hon, is that i know there is a box a half mile up the road in either direction,..IM ON THE MAIN ROAD."
    ma'm,"we didnt run it that way it, it might compromise our signal,..."
    i actually laughed...."you mean to tell me you didnt run it DOWN THE MAIN ROAD"
    i was like lady, you ran it a half mile up my friends driveway.
    "mustnotta compromised our signal ma'am"
    after laughing again, i told her id be checking in from time to time till they could see fit to run it :rolleyes: down the main road :rolleyes:
    next time i see one of those trucks im having me a little chat.
    well probably not, but id like to :D
    ,...maybe if im real nice.
    aint that unbelievable
    ain i a whiney B
    hey, i could get started on how i spend hours of each day f-ing around with insurance people who cannot do their jobs, and how im sure nationwide has a HUGe scam going on :D
  2. LOL Last year the cable co. called me up and said they were running cable down my road and if i paid them 150.00 dollars they would install cable in my home. Well I thought I was going to get a good deal. They run it down the road and never hooked me up. I called the number I had and the woman took thirty minutes looking up the paper work. She tells me I was too far off th road (My driveway is 1600 feet off the road). I told her that I wanted my service that I was promised. She said i would have to pay another 250.00 if i wanted service.
    I isisted that she was as stupid as horse pulling a freight train and that I wanted my money back. She said that it would take 45-60 days and i told her again she was stupid as a horse pulling a freight train. By the time I got off the phone with her I thought she was going to hand deliver my money that day!LOL

    I went to my Neighbors and told them what had happened and all but one cancelled there subscription! lol The cable company called me back and offered to put in my service for the 150 that we agreed on from the start.

    Know what I said??

    FUCK YA"LL!!!!!!!
  3. hahahaha. dude thats funny.
  4. What is thi cable TV thing you are refering to? I live so far out that I'm glad Direct TV still comes in. That is until it rains and then the satellite goes out. Turn off your TVs and pick up a book and use your head for something else besides filling it up with smoke.


    Bud, I'm going out of town on business. Keep an eye on the Fort and watch for Indian Warpartys!
  5. it hasnt been that many years since we were able to Finally able to get direct tv either. we dont even need rain to make it go out, a nice cloud cover will do.
    the only good thing about direct tv was the tweaked up card we had for about a year. personally i dont watch a whole lota t.v.,ive read more books than youd probably ever have guessed. but ill tell ya also theres usually a new issue of the tabloid the ' star in the bathroom.
    one can only take so much spongebob, junkyard wars and the destruction doomsday is comming channel.
    basically d tv sucks and i wanted my computer hooked-up like the jonses! :p
    have a safe trip,
  6. gheeshe, ^ sorry hehe

  7. I got ya covered BPP. I'll make sure all Indian warpartys have my full attention!

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