This bug Did Not Exist when I was a Child.

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    Im like 98% Positive Ive never seen this bug until maybe 5 years ago. I cant even go to google and type in a name for this thing to find a better picture for you blades. Its got a black body and an Orange topped ass with little... idk spikes? hairs? something goin up and down its body. So Is this a new bug? Ive noticed others but I havnt seen them lately.

    If it really is a new type of insect then I guess thats more proof of evolution.

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  2. Box Elder Bug

  3. You are 100% Incorrect. That looks nothing Like the Bug I seen and posted the pic of.
  4. [​IMG]

    Did it look like this?

    That's a ladybug larvae. I see them all the time. For God's sake, don't kill it. They eat the bugs that eat your grow. :p
  5. ^^ Damn id say he got it.



  6. Thats exactly it. And NO I would never kill it. So this is what turns into a lady bug?? Odd transformation but so is a butterfly.
  7. I too have descovered 3 new types of insect that i have never seen in the last 5 years (so proof of evolution).

    Any blades that can help identify them (if they really are exisiting species and not new ones) would be appreciated.




    I reserve the naming rights if they are newely discovered species; "luxon cricket", "luxon bug" and "luxon flying spider"
  8. I think the reason you've been seeing them so much now is because of organic gardeners. It's really popular right now and people buy boxes of ladybugs to control pests. They release them in their gardens and they spread out as they mate and lay eggs.

    You should see elm beetle larvae. They make ladybug larvae look sexy.
  9. Lmao at blades thinking they discovered a new species.
  10. it does look like one from the picture to be fair...or a lygaeidae...but the spikes give it away
  11. Facepalm. Evolution is a process that takes thousands to millions of years. things dont just go poof and evolve in five years.
  12. i now feel like i have bugs crawling on me, thanks you dicks :(

  13. Agreed haha

    Identifying your bugs would be easier without the fuzz lens ;D (I can never take a good picture stupid cameras).

    But now that I know those are lady bug larvae I feel bad for all the ones I've probably killed out of blind fear of creepy crawlies
  14. I wouldn't say finding a new bug that you haven't seen is evidence of evolution, or even a new species. We do however find new species everyday. Mostly small organisms, including insects. Most species that are on this planet, have not been discovered yet.

  15. Very true.. and Ive only noticed it in 5years. I never said that was its only existance.

    But its a lady bug larva so this thread proved useful for me.

    Also I took the pic with my phone.
  16. hash with legs, horses, and pigeons..

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