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This bud is ridiculous (Lots of pics and macros)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Draous, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Not sure if its just me, but this is some of the craziest weed I've seen. Picked up an eighth each of 2 different kinds, but both are kronic as shit, one a little more than the other. I didnt really seperate the pics, one bud is a lighter green and a little less covered in trichs.

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  2. nice pick up!
  3. More pics.

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  4. frosty as fuck nice buds and pics bro:smoking:
  5. man I wish those were in my bowl right now instead of the oz of regos i picked up +rep:hello:
  6. Oh man that almost doesnt seem real or even possible. How is the smoke with those frosty nugs??
  7. Dude, it's so smooth. I think the resin/leaf ratio is high enough to wear Its not as harsh, because you're smoking less plant material % wise.
  8. Mmm sounds delicious:D
  9. Frosty as fuck
  10. holy shit thats frosty !:eek:
  11. Wow that's unbelieveably frosty
  12. eighth? man if i saw that shit i would HAVE to cop a half at LEAST
  13. You have no idea. Some parts of it are so resinous that there arent normal trichromes structures its just covered in resin.
  14. More Pics.

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  15. That looks absolutely beautiful!

    Please tell us how it smokes.
  16. some of those pics look like mold growth, but its not...

    nice weed OP
  17. thats actually messed up how good that looks. thats unfair to the rest of us.
  18. Thats really frosty, looks almost like mold Thc lol! :smoke:
  19. damn dude thats full of trichomes. I can't imagine how much kief you could get from grinding those buds. Nice pickup

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