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This bubbler needs a name!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by foxbatman, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. its an Andrew W. K. peice and for 2 years we havent been able to name it.... its a smooth tasty smoker with a big draw and is VERY hard to spill. also been dropped a few times / smacked on a table once or twice. its prolly had about 5 ounces of pot smoked through it in its lifetime... at LEAST. so yea using that info i could really use some name suggestions!

  2. i suggest mr bubbles
  3. Octopussy. Somewhat reminds me of an octopus. And I like James Bond, so.....
  4. dude name that shit spiderman... or spiderweb.... or just plain web...

    "lets go hit spiderman man!" oh yeah..... just picture youself saying that anyone who overhears is gunna be like... what... the... fuck?!?!. it'll drive them crazy!!!
  5. The 1st picture reminds me of a poisinous orange/yellow spider.
    The second one reminds me of a weirdass octopus.
    So maybe name it Dr. Octagon! It's this weird-ass rapper gay who sings "Blue Flowers"...look up his myspace or something. I effing love him.
    And it's so weeeird. Duny, lol. i'm baked, :smoking:

  6. ^:love:
  7. squidbilly? Not original, but I am sooo feeling motion's octopus comment.
  8. tangella lol its
  9. tangella or melonade lol its the only thing i cud think
  10. Yeah I'm also going for spiderman.
  11. I say Russian Mole(if I ever name pieces, they are always bit weird).
  12. My suggestion is Mito or Chondi (pronounced condee).

    It kind of reminds me of the inside of a mitochondria cell.
  13. Condee...hehe...that sorta sounds like "gandhi". I'm gonna name my next piece "ghandhi".
  14. Sweet

  15. Heres some names I can come up with right now
    Sargent Baker
  16. monty or burns, the 3 little green spots remind me of mr burns' 3 liver spots on the simpsons.
  17. i think u shood definitly name it trooper
  18. id like to just announce, and im sorry, that i have just finished naming my newest and biggest bong..... dun dun dun... drum role please....

    death in a glass blown tube form!!!!!! :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: ( 4 out of 5 stoned faces)

    ^^^^ me
  19. whats the name?

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