This bowl goes out to

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. All the good times me, jeff, ricky, lombard, zak, mike shared.

    All the bud we smoked and the beers we drank.

    That one time out on Lovells Island we got so wasted and shot each other with slingshots, then I puked my guts out in the tent because the burning Styrofoam fumes were pluming into my tent.

    The first hit I ever took with jeff and andrew out in his backyard. The stars looked great that night.

    i miss it all

    I always knew it would end one day, but never thought about how I would feel after it did.

    I miss it man.
  2. This jay goes out to you, Alphå
  3. my main toking buddies from back home, where everyday was 4-20
  4. Thats how I felt soon after I graduated from college. I had been living with 5 other people in a house and everyone pretty much moved to another state afterward. Spending years with these people drinking, smoking, and chilling everyday and it just ends pretty suddenly, its kind of a shocker.

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