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This Blueberry bud is weird....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Newklear, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. #1 Newklear, Jan 11, 2013
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    Okay, so recently, I made a pickup on this bud that struck me as blueberry scented. The weird thing doesn't smell like blueberry cannabis, nah just straight blueberry. It's at the point where if you walked into the room, it smells like someone is toasting up a blueberry poptart. Weird shit.

    Another weird thing about the bud is that it doesn't even feel like a plant. It literally feels super soft, and it has a sort of Olive color to it. The color is like greenish brownish yellow.

    Yet another weird thing is it doesn't make me cough at all like every other dank strain I've smoked does. When I take a hit, it barely tastes like I'm smoking cannabis, but it still gets me high like cannabis. When I blow out, I just get a blueberry taste.

    I asked a couple people about this and one of my friends sort of thinks it's legal bud disguised as real bud. A couple of my other friends who smoke alot definitely think it's real bud, just that it was possibly sprayed with a scent or flavoring? My one friend thinks it's lab medical, but I don't know how plausible this is as I don't know much about medical marijuana except that it "feels good, mayne" to smoke.

    I would post a picture of it but I have no idea how to transfer photos from my Samsung Galaxy S2 to the computer. If anyone knows, feel free to give me advice.

    So does anybody have any experience with some sort of crazy medical bud that was like this?

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  2. sounds exactly like the fake shit too me, i already knew it before you even talked about what your friends said
  3. there's an app for that.... a grasscity app

    or simply email the pictures to yourself and download them onto your computer then insert the image on this thread...
  4. Dude honestly, I think it's fake shit too.
  5. lets see some pics of this "weird"

  6. Sweet, I'm bout to get the app then I'll throw a picture up. I'm not sure how much justice the picture will do me, but it's better than no picture :confused:
  7. Wait does it give you an energetic high?
  8. Why didn't I think of just emailing the picture before? About to go do that...

  9. I smoked it yesterday when I was sick, and I was smoking it along with some of my friend's bud too. So to be honest, I don't know what kind of high it gives by itself. Picture coming in like 2 min.
  10. So I just added the photos. It's looking more and more fake by the second lol.
  11. looks sketchy, i'd avoid that
  12. Maybe you're just so high you're denying that this is even weed?
  13. i doubt it's fake, if it's in a nug form. it's rare for synthetic cannabis to be in a nug form.
    also, you'd know if you were smoking spice. that shit gets you high, and although it's KINDA similar to cannabis, it's defiantly a different high and your experienced friends probably would of picked up on that.
    but that also goes with the type of spice, you know, some spice is dank as fuck, some isn't.
    i'd pack a bowl of it, smoke it up and see how highyou get.
    if you get HELLA high, it's probably spice.
    the blueberry smell and taste is the most sketchy thing to me. because i know spice can have those qualities.
    sounds weird, i'll check up when you have a picture.
  14. From the picture, I would say its fake weed.

    but good looking fake weed. most fake weed i've seen is made by retards who dont even know how good weed is supposed to look (leaves and stems and its always brown n ground up n shit).
  15. How about another picture. I have the S2 you can surely take a better picure lol
  16. Sorry man, that's "herbal smoke"

    Like the stuff you get on international oddities. It is random plants basically glued together. I've seen other kind in person before, thats about what they look like.

    From the pictures, i'd say the high you are getting is placebo.

    Does it almost feel like soft styrofoam?
  17. #17 thewarden, Jan 11, 2013
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    Looks like real bud, just really, really shaky. were there any big nugs when you picked up? The fact that there's trichromes on the plant matter makes me think that it is in fact natural marijuana. I've never seen/heard of spice that actually has crystalline trichromes ON the buds themselves, but my experiences with spice are very, very limited. They could be getting trickier though. God that would suck if some asshat learned to replicate buds perfectly haha

    The smell also sets off some flags, as does the taste. You never know though, I've gotten some weed that doesn't even smell like weed but certainly is cause I know the dude who grew it. The texture/color aren't indicative of foul play IMO, those seem relatively normal.

    How long does the high last? If it lasts a long time (IE more than an hour) than it's probably weed, but if it lasts a very short amount of time (ie less than an hour) sounds like some synthetic cannabinoid
  18. xD
    bro they don't make synthetic cannabis to look like real buds usually.
    damn, the picture you posted looks a little sketchy, but it's not good enough lighting or quality to get a for sure read.

  19. I don't think the density is necessarily indicative of spice though. I've gotten some really fluffy, foxtailed buds that didn't even look like weed but definitely were

    Here's a pic (not mine) of some foxtailed bud. even this pic isn't THAT pronounced, I've seen some stuff that look like straight up strings or strands of weed


  20. RIIIIGHT?!?!! The dude I buy it from is kind of a sketch ball lol, however he used to have really potent stuff. I'm talking the most potent I've ever smoked.

    Doubt it. That's funny though.

    I've smoked this stuff called Skyscraper Bud and it was in nug form, looked like REALLY fucking potent weed, but it didn't do shit. Also, I used to smoke spice alot, not even because I had to for a drug test or something, but it was all my friends smoked to the point that it was getting hard to find weed because everybody just wanted to smoke spice rofl. The blueberry taste and smell is what kinda makes me think it's fake.


    I don't have anymore of it or I would.

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