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  1. I'm gonna try my hardest not to sound like a big baby but just ask yourself if you'd be upset too.

    There's this girl who I really like...a lot. She just recently told me that she's starting to like me too which made me really happy. But every time my best friend's name is brought up, she just goes off on how "hot" he is. I didn't care at first but it's like..she really wants him instead. All I've ever gotten from her is a "cute" and hearing her saying my best friend is "hottt as baaallsss" upsets me. It makes me realize that I'm out of her league and maybe I should just back down since my friend thinks she's hot too.

    I know it's not all about looks, but come's my best friend. I know she said she likes me and not him but it still upsets me of how much she wants him. And when if/when we all hang out together she's just gonna be wishing I looked like him instead.

    Can someone cheer me up or give me a better way at looking at things? I'm sad right now..:(
  2. idk, unless she's doing it on purpose to try to get you to hit on her before she hits on him?

    either way, it's likely going to stick in your head whenever your with her...being that it upsets your so much.

    on the bright side, the world is full of hotties and if you don't get with this one, you will sooner or later.
  3. don't sweat it man, at least she's not saying something like "i love you but i don't think it'll work"
  4. act like you dont care. they prey on weakness...
  5. I would also like to add that I told her I liked her before she told me she liked me. I'm not one for drama and jealousy...but this is annoying me so much. As sad as it is, I even had a dream last night that she came to a party of mine, completely ignored me, went straight to him and starting grabbing his dick.

    I hate this so much :(

    Believe me I did. I was like like "haha okay" but it's killing me!
  6. Think about this. Say you "get the girl"

    Your always gonna be thinking about her thinking/saying that.

    Gonna be rocky no matter how ya look at it
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    Alright dude, don't take that too personally. She MAY think he's hotter than YOU, but.. IF she wanted him, she would be long gone from you right now bro! But now if you want to compare that, obv. you got a better personality that SHE likes. You know when you see those fine ass girls that are just totally bang-able but don't really want a relationship? That's probably what your girl is thinking also.

    My ex-girlfriend would talk about all these hotter guys at school, which very bothered me a lot. So I talked to her how it upsets me when she says things like that and I told her I was afraid to lose her from this way. She simply and exactly told me, "Baby, your very handsome and an amazing person with a great personality, I just think Brett is hot and nothing further than that."

    But like I previsouly said, if she wanted your friend and to go out with him, she would not be talking to you atm.

    Not sure if this helps, but hopefully it did.
    *Sorry for the speed rant*

    EDIT: Saw that you said you liked her first, instead of her saying it first. SOMETIMES people would just agree that they liked you too cause of being under pressure. So in fact she could like your best friend. The best thing to do right now is tell her how you feel about this and ask her if she likes your best friend and to be truthful so she doesn't waste your time.
  8. That's the part that upsets me so much. I don't think I could go out with her after she said that. I know, I know, it's not that big of a deal. But to me it is...
  9. I feel ya man, I had a girl that would always talk about how hot some other guy is to her friends when I'm sitting right there. I tried to think nothing of it but it still fucked shit up in my head.
  10. ask the bitch out and dont ever let a girl use u
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    Dude.. There's a big difference between "wanting someone" and "thinking someone's hot".

    BIG difference.

    If she's goin' after you instead of him, then there you go; you have your answer. She wants YOU.

    Odds are she's trying to fuck with your mind, which is totally a bitch move.. But you need to show some fuckin' backbone 'n say, "SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MY BEST FRIEND ALREADY! You think I wanna hear that shit? When you're with me, I wanna hear about ME."

    Best of luck to ya, dude. Never back down. Not if you want her to be yours.

    EDIT: After readin' the resta this thread, I'd ditch that bitch and find someone else to rest your dick on, dude. Shit ain't worth it.
  12. fuck her and then dip out. let your "BFFF" get sloppy seconds and then laugh as you continue to slam other pussy

    start thinking like man, boy.
  13. All good advice. I omitted what was irrelevant.
  14. Fuck that girl, only females you should take seriously are the ones in your family.

    Otherwise you should remove all emotional attachment.

    and this thread really belongs in Lifestyles, you'd probably get more responses there.
  15. I like your sig ;)

    Anyway, I like her a lot but I think the best thing to do is just get over her if she's gonna say things like that to me. It's not like I go telling her how hot HER best friend is, even though she is pretty hot...I don't tell her because I care about her feelings. Obviously she doesn't feel the same way.
  16. Haha yea i've had that for awhile, I scored some more mushrooms shortly after I quoted that.

    But there shouldn't even be any debate about this man, its not reason thats making you undecided, its emotional attachment. And that shits gotta go!

    Logic would have you cut all ties, or focus all of your power on making her miserable.

    That way she might learn her lesson, human minds are not to be tampered with.
  17. what a bitch.......why dont u tell her how fat her friends ass is or somethin and return the favor
  18. Haha, I said that because it was me who said the quote that you put in your

    But I figure you're right. Though she is supposed to come over to watch pineapple express in a couple weeks (don't ask me how it worked out that way, it just did, we're busy people). I think I'm just gonna see how it goes and just be straight with her about her talking about my friends, I'm sure she'll understand. If not, she's gone.
  19. Haha yea dude....I realized that it was you when I responded.........haha not that high

    But if it were me, i'd be done with her. It sounds like shes full of shit giving you are far off date like that too.

    She'll probably delay it or cancel to see what kind of reaction she gets from you..

    I'm telling you shes bad news, playing games with your brains. FUCK THAT!

    Call that fishstink whore and tell her that the movies off, as well as any future interaction with her.

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