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  1. The government empowers the poor to keep on being poor by providing help when the not-poor should be the ones making them leave poverty by providing them jobs.

    (Sorry for the sloppy english, no es mi primer lenguaje.)
  2. The government empowers the rich to continue their global financial domination while tossing bones to the poor to keep them from revolting and destroying everything.  I think that would be a more accurate explanation.
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    Yeah...that's about how it goes. It's propagation of an ancient system. When used by churches it fosters "faith"......when used by governments it cultivates subservience.
    Pretty much. Just as long as the poor gets to eat their corn flakes and watch TV. 
    I would not even toss them the bone. 
    They have to, the bone is the one thing keeping the poor from riots, killing rich people, more crime, revolution, etc...  Tossing the bone is how the rich and powerful are able to get away with exploiting everything to their benefit.
  7. lol, nobody is keeping the poor down. check out the Forbes list, more than half of the ten richest people and the majority of others are SELF MADE.

    there is nothing keeping you from being rich except you. well, luck does play a part too. but mostly its really up to you what you make of your life. there is certainly nothing preventing you from starting the next walmart or microsoft.
  8. Exceptions never prove the rule, but i'm pleased that there are exceptions.
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    How much people will get the short end of the stick for enabling one individual to become a billlionaire. Thousands of children die each day in African mines, in order to get the precious metals needed for building our electronic devices... Children starve to death for the sake of profit...
    You see those billionairs handing out charity and getting a lot of respect for it, buying off their own conscience, trying to forget that it is their greed that created the need for charity in the first place.
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    Because if .00000001% of the population can become billionaires, so can anyone! 
  11. anybody has the potential. some people really are too stupid. some have a lower economic starting place,but that CAN be overcome. and yeah we probably aren't gonna see a self made billionaire deaf mute any time soon...

    but for a roughly average human being living in a conflict free zone, you really can do anything. you are only limited by ability, effort, and a little luck.
  12. Yup equal chance all around. And your chances are more equal if you aren't black, and having a penis doesn't hurt. And rich parents usually help. Knowing some important people is just a bonus. Access to education super not important right?

    Your system is flawed.

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  13. nah man, those advantages and disadvantages dont make or break you. you dont think some rich people had a harder set of challenges to overcome than you?

    even that african woman who lives in a high conflict zone CAN do it. escaping the area, moving, learning new languages, starting from nothing to building a business that eventually becomes a success CAN be done.

    some may not possess the ability to overcome their obstacles, but thats on them.
    If that blows your mind, this really really fry your brain, lol

    Self made doesn't equate to starting in poverty.  How many on that list were well below the poverty line their entire life before becoming a "self made" billionaire.  I bet there isn't a single one.
  16. It's life... Some people are born with privileges, most are not.  Some catch breaks, others do not... Being in the right place at the right time has a little to do with as well. I don't think it's impossible for poor people to become rich, but it's easier to make money with money than to make it without. Sure there are exceptions, but my guess is they are far and few. 

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