This BLAZE Bong or Glasscity Bubblicious

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  1. Im making my first bong purchase and at first I was going to get the Glasscity Bubblicious bong, but then it went out of stock.
    Should I still get the Glasscity bong or this BLAZE bong
    'Blaze Glass' Clear Glass Bong - Beaker Base - 9mm - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -
    Best thing about it is its 9mm but it has a carb. I wish it didnt have a carb. It does have a carbstopper but still it kinda bugs me. And also the Glasscity Bubblicious I feel like the percolater really has no purpose. Can anyone help me decide? Also does anyone know if the bottom of the beaker base is thin?
  2. No one has an idea on the BLAZE bong?
  3. I'd say go with glasscity. I'm pretty sure Blaze is chinese and glasscity looks pretty damn good for the price. diffuser will definitely be an upgrade to a standard downstem.

    same with the EHLE. i own a 250ml straight ice and it hits beautifully. although i think the EHLEs on this site are the old models? correct me if i'm wrong, because i'm not too sure.
  4. My only problem with the BLAZE bong is the carb. Do the carbstoppers that it come with make it airtight? Anyone use rubber carbstoppers before?
  5. waaaay better off going to aquaallab and getting a HVY straight tube with a jargon ashcatcher..

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