this band could've been uber-famous

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  1. this band is no longer together, as drugs have destroyed it, but these two recorded tracks speak for themselves. the junkies ruled. i remember going to their shows. kind of.

    destroy tradition

    treat me wrong

  2. No offense but those vocals were hilarious. Groovy instrumentals though, way better than anything I'd expect to hear on a forum.

    Question time:

    What do you play and where in the hell did you get that couch?
  3. it's a futon, and i play the camera. and the trombone, and the ukulele. oh i forgot to mention! that dude is ALL fucked up during the recording of those songs. so yeah the vocals are laughable. his scarface accent doesnt help
  4. I'm sitting here thinking "that's a clever way to advertise your band." :smoke:
  5. ha well for real this band is done. they partied like rock stars and got kicked out of just about everywhere they played. ha i remember them taking over open mic night at different places, just showing up to little coffee shops with like 40 fans and just dominate

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