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This amount gets me high (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, i have been smoking weed since about three years, a bit more then half a year daily now. This tiny amount gets me decently high (like.. 5 out of 10) for around 2 and a half hours. My tolerance is really low still right :D? With my MFLB I can make 2.5gs last me a month of daily vaping. I think i can get even higher from this amount, but this bud is only high mids... and ive been vaping the same strain now for 2 or 3 weeks.

    I dont have my scale on me right now, but im pretty sure that is like .05 of bud, less then .1

    I hope my tolerance continues to be this low for a long long time :smoke:

    I like vaping only once a day though, like yesterday my friend was over and we vaped like every 2 hours for the full day and my highs were much shorter.

    Would this amount get you high :smoke: ?

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  2. I feel ya. Same with me, but my tolerance is amazingly low. I fill up my MFLB with enough so that you can still see some parts of the bottom trench and about fifteen minutes to half an hour later, things start to spin and's just amazing. It lasts for probably two to three hours.

    Edit; What you're keeping your bud in, are those common? I know one comes with the grinder, but I looked around earlier and I noticed I have like fife or six of those cases...
  3. mmmm that herb looks tasty!
  4. Wow, your tolerance is even lower than mine haha! How often do you vape? If i fill it with that much, so i can still see parts of the bottom trench, it still gets me decently high but only lasts for like an hour or so

    haha thanks virtue :) it sure is. Nothing as beautiful as my MFLB filled up with frosty light green bud :smoke:
  5. Depending on what I have to do (I'm an athlete), it varies between 2 and 4 times a day haha. I'd post a pic, but I don't know how to from my iPhone.
  6. Well its because your vaping. Start ripping bongs and you will end up like me. I smoke more than a Q a day.
  7. haha wow im jealous :D

    how long have you been smoking?
  8. It takes me like half a trench of some dank to get pretty high. I'm dry right now so last night I harvested the oil buildup in my stem and got a tiny ball of oil and rolled it in some kief. If you take precautions it won't stick to your screen and you can take a shit load of hits from it. You guys should try it once you get a decent buildup.
  9. Why not be conservative and buy an MFLB? What a waste of weed.
  10. I gotta get myself one of those MFLBs... it would make it so much better to just smoke about .2 at a time instead of half a gram to a gram in a joint...
  11. I should have done that :) My stem was turning a bit yellow so i just dipped a qtip in listerine and ran it through the stem lmfao. I don't really see how i can clean it saving the "oil", when it was on the qtip and it built up it was kinda dark like resin from smoking
  12. That's how I pack my MFLB while I pack my bong twice. Everyone should try it :)
  13. I put a little more than that in an average trench. If I get good hits I get blasted from it. 2-3 hour high. I've only smoked for 2 months tho.
  14. i need to get a MFLB, ive been thinking of getting one for a while now, but every time i get some money together i just say fuck it i already got a piece i dont need another and end up just buying alot of weed, but not anymore im tired of having a 20$ a day habit,and maybe an MFLB will reduce my habit down to 10$ a day.

    sorry for the rant pretty blazed at the moment
  15. There are alot of new smokers here who have MFLB's. Is that how they are starting to smoke? Is vaping the new entry?
  16. Hell yes i can get high off that, pure 10mins of vaping.
  17. Yeah I used a paper clip and scraped away for like 15 minutes just to get a tiny bit haha. I had a lot of buildup too, the stem was honey-brownish. When I balled it up though it turned black. I've also been using my box for a few months and haven't cleaned the stem once so it takes a long ass time to build up even for a decent amount. It was worth it though got me high lol :)

  18. Ive been ripping bongs my whole smoking career and a Q a day is just a waste. I can be high all day from a gram in my bong. Idk wtf ur doing wrong, but its gonna be pretty pointless burning a q a day.
  19. Haha i dont think so, but it would be great. Think about all the people who dont try weed because the first time they tried it, they coughed for 5 minutes, their throat and lungs burnt, etc.

    Such a more pleasant experience with a vaporizer :D But i do love the occasional joint and bong rip :smoke:
  20. Mids ;P

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