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This aint weed but it looks like it.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by CowboyKirk35, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. So just got a gram of some "great new shit" and the first thing i noticed is that it doesnt smell at all like weed and its reeeeeeeely sticky. Looked at it under a microscope and it looks like its got some trichomes and a bunch of orange hairs. So with trust my friend wouldnt rip me off (not too much there) me n my gal smoked a bowl and it tasted pretty bad nothin like weed. got an Ok high for bout 30 minutes then became sober immediately.
    Googled around and i think i saw a sight saying theres a "psychoactive" plant with trichomes too but its deffinetly not weed and its a "legal" bud. can someone help me out here.

    Here's some pics
  2. Its weed, it was just harvested early on and not cured.
  3. well cus ive personally made my own "spice" (damiania leaves, and JWH-018) while i was on probation and smoked some more about a week ago and im finding it hard to tell a difference between the two, yet some normal even weak shit doesnt feel like the JWH but this stuff does.
  4. Then if im wrong and it is actually "legal" buds i would advise against dealing with this person in the future if your not happy with the product.

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