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    I'm a pretty casual gamer, playing Fallout 3, Minecraft, TF2, Terraria, Combat arms, Maplestory, etc, and decided to build a basic gaming PC, because I only have a macbook pro at the moment, and it's not suited to gaming.

    I'm going to be picking up the parts in a few hours, and putting it together. Shouldn't be that hard, is it?

    Let me know what you think.. :D

    Monitor - Dual Samsung 22"
    HDD - Seagate 1TB
    RAM - Corsair Dual 2GB (4GB)
    Video Card - Sapphire Vapor X
    CPU & MOBO - Asus M4A785
    Case - HEC Blitz
    PSU - Corsair 600watt
    DVD Drive - Samsung SH-222AB
    Wireless - Linksys WMP600N
    Mouse - Razer Deathadder
    Keyboard - Razer Acrosta
    Mousepad - Razer Goliath
    OS - Windows 7 (64 bit)
  2. Kinda hard w/out a power supply. Just sayin.
  3. It was there. :D

  4. Wait, what? :bolt:
  5. Seems all good. But, maybe more ram? it's not too expensive for more and it does help alot.
    I'm building a pc ATM and I forked out the extra cash for 8gb of Kingston ram.
  6. What does more RAM do for me?

    Sorry, I'm a PC noob.
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    When software is actually running, it uses ram for quick storage as it calculates (RAM stands for random access Memory)
    Bigger programs use more RAM as they run, and games should DEFINITELY be classified as big programs.
    So you want more RAM to cut down lag, as well as having a graphics card to process the visuals quickly without freezing because it can't keep up.
  8. Looks pretty good. I wouldn't bother with the ram, 2 gigs is plenty for those games.
  9. Yeah. 4GB is alright for those games, right?
  10. It should be.
    But, more is better, and if you were to buy a new game (Say you bought crysis 2 or something) extra ram would help.

    I have a suggestion though;

    Go to this website
    Make an account, then a thread with your build and price range, the guy's on there really know their stuff and should help heaps. But bear in mind. Alot of their prices will be in Aus dollars (I'm Australian and it's an Australian Site haha).
  11. Unless you want to run 3 or 4 games at a time, you don't NEED that much. You can run crysis or fallout or whatever at full settings with 2 gigs of ram.
  12. Ya, but I multi-task like a badass on my comp so I heart RAM
  13. Yeah, I'll stick with 4 gigs, 8 would be overkill and too expensive.
  14. I multitask as well with 2 gigs and rarely do I use above 80% of my RAM.
    Just realized his is dual. 4 gigs is fking plenty lol.
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    Oh, then ignore returning I said, you should be sweet lol, DDR3 fosho
  16. They say that the Motherboard (Asus M4A785) is outdated, as it came out in 2009.

    Should I select another one? If yes, then please suggest one, and a CPU.
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    What's your budget??
    cos that will help us alot.
  18. I don't really have a budget, so long as it's reasonable.

    I'm not willing to spend 400+ on a motherboard and CPU. Let's put it that way.
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    Rightio. Are you buying stuff from a local store? or ordering parts online. Because ordering often saves you money.

    Regardless, look up some Asrock motherboards, they're pretty good.

    And look through the variations on Intel i5 processors, they may get too pricey but they are good.

    As a general rule you want to avoid hardware that's over two years old, since pc technology moves so fast, by the time something is 3 or more years older, there will be a cheaper better variant on the market.

    Also, just look around there are HEAPS of good parts so you are bound to find stuff that fits your price range.

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